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Swiss artist and futurist Sarah Montani presents her video installation for the first time at SWISSARTEXPO

From 25 - 29 August 2021 in the SBB event hall in Zurich's main station

Zurich (ptp008/18.08.2021/09:00) The artist Sarah Montani is participating in the SWISSARTEXPO for the first time. Her work combines age-old techniques with the possibilities of the digital world. She takes her audience on a journey through time from the ancient Romans to the universe of augmented reality. The video installation "Intu Ink", created especially for SWISSARTEXPO, bears witness to this. It focuses on the act of making and, with its hybrid art, adds a new facet to the classical concept of art.

2018 marks a turning point in Montani's work: she bundles her strengths and commits herself fully to art. Knowledge from the digital business world now flows into her artistic work just as intensively as her explorative, forward-looking way of working.

Ancient technology goes digital

She discovers certain techniques and materials known since antiquity, such as beeswax (encaustic) and shellac, and combines them with modern fluid art. She finds new access to her inner creativity, for which she finds the perfect medium in these extremely dynamic materials.
Montani leads her elements with fire and flame, without imposing her will. The emergence of Montani's art, in which she sets the materials ablaze with air and heat, are therefore among the most fascinating of her work to date.

Creative act in a hybrid world

In her video work "Intu Ink", she lets viewers participate in her creative flow, making them witnesses to her careful yet purposeful approach. The act of creation becomes a sensual experience. At the same time, with her hybrid art, she feels the contours of a new kind of art genre of tingling topicality. What is meant here is the juxtaposition of analog and digital experience as well as all the mixed forms in between, as they have shaped society and art not only since Corona, but since then particularly clearly.

Augmented Reality App

With her new app "iazzu" the artist makes it possible for everyone to visualize her artworks on their own walls at home. This way everyone will find the perfect work for their home. With the QR code in the attachment you can download the app on Android or iOS devices.

Life and work

Sarah Montani was born in Valais in 1972. While studying, the aspiring lawyer recognized the opportunities of the digital world. Creative in spirit, hot on the heels of the future, she founded her own company, which has been one of the most innovative and successful in the industry since the beginning. At the same time, Montani made her first forays into the world of art. As a self-taught artist, she familiarizes herself with oil techniques and begins painting in oils. From 2001 onward, Montani broke away from a formal logic and understands art as a creative act that she wants to initiate, allow, but not dominate. Experimental and searching, she soon trades the brush for the spatula and now for the Bunsen burner.

Her new art catalogue

In addition to her impressive collection of works, Sarah Montani will also be represented at SWISSARTEXPO with her recently published art catalog. Everyone is cordially invited to admire her work from August 25 to 29, 2021 in Zurich's main station hall.

A glimpse of Sarah Montana's art is also available on her websites and social media:

If you want to enjoy Sarah Montani's art earlier, you can already visit the vernissage of her solo exhibition in Bern on August 19, 2021 and be inspired by her works.

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