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Brenar de Croy will surprise the visitors of SWISSARTEXPO with his complex and profound oil paintings

From August 25 to 29, 2021 at the SBB Eventhalle at Zurich Main Station

Zürich (ptp018/17.08.2021/11:00) From August 25 to 29, 2021, visitors of the art festival SWISSARTEXPO can dive into the depths of the paintings by an impressive artist in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Main Station. Brenar de Croy works with oil paints and creates in his complex works of art an illusion as if created by a computer.

Brenar de Croy was born in 1958 in Geneva, Switzerland and graduated from HEAD - Geneva - Haute école Art and Design. After working as an artistic director in an advertising agency, he created many startups, mostly in the field of new technologies. In 2010, he decided to make a change and evolve his perspective on life. He made the decision to leave behind the everyday superficialities and pursue his longing to paint. He learned that the act of observing changes one's perspective and allows one to achieve increased awareness when going in the opposite direction of the norm. Thus, he went fully with his inner voice and fulfilled his desire to create art.

For Brenar de Croy painting is present and mindful. During SWISSARTEXPO, one of the largest art festivals in Switzerland, the fascinating painter will present, his artwork "The Venice Biennale - the factory of impostors", among others. This work is a reflection on the art market and the attitude of its players, who have only one choice, to be omnipresent. This challenging theme deals with the imposed need to create an event and entertainment value with art, no matter what emotional aspect it deals with.

The second painting "The Quantum Vessel II - the Abbey Church of Romainmôtier" is a reflection on the universality of our being, on the entanglement of two souls in the past, present and future. "On our planet navigating infinity, there are places separate among themselves, yet connected, that draw us in like doors to invisible universes where everyone knows we are more. Greater than ourselves. These places attract thousands of souls every year, they come, feel their lives there, where they have met for thousands of years in the past, and also the present and the future."

The two paintings form a wonderful unity and ask about the mindset we humans have in this world so complex, exponential technological developments, to the delusions of our information and our connections to each other.

In a newly published art catalogue, visitors to the exhibition can admire more paintings by Brenar de Croy.

More information on the life and oeuvre of Brenar de Croy can be found on his website at:

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