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Cordula Kaiser exhibits her sophisticated artworks at the SWISSARTEXPO 2021

Evoking the visual dialogue between her artworks and the viewer is her highest form of inspiration

Zurich (ptp031/16.08.2021/14:00) The time has come once again. The SWISSARTEXPO 2021 opens the gates of the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Main Station for an art exhibition of supreme proportions. From August 25th to 29th, visitors will enjoy a celebration of creativity, imagination and the highest level of art from diverse areas of this wonderful genre. Among the numerous talents, the artist Cordula Kaiser will present an excellent selection of her original artworks, which is aiming to touch the visitor's heart and soul positively.

Cordula Kaiser, based in Switzerland, is one of the imposing representatives of her art style. Under the label "VISUAL DIALOGUE | °" she has published fascinating artworks whose interpretation allows a great artistic scope.

In her daily involvement with various media, Cordula Kaiser is constantly developing the possibilities of visual dialogues, in both formats, abstract and comprehensible. Haptics, light and shadow, colour and form are essential elements of her work. Ideally, these components positively touch the soul and senses of their viewer. The artist aims to inspire people without interfering with their personal experience. Her paintings contain more than what the viewer may experience in the first moment of laying eyes on them, because behind a haptically gripping rough facade, incredible shapes and colours emerge through sophisticated incidences of light. Surprising moments are the essence of a profound and emotional art, which Cordula Kaiser puts into her works with immense power and maturity.

"What does a visual dialogue mean? The communication via an optical stimulus. Impulses, objects of the artist that trigger the inner dialogue between an object and its viewers."

She paints and facilitates for her viewers to see as well as to experience her paintings with their eyes and hearts. She leaves all possibilities open for the viewer to delve into the blurred colour boundaries between imagination and reality. To simply perceive art as it is, to envelop oneself completely in it, to experience the moment while letting go of the earthly atmosphere - this is the power of the flow of thought and its result is a wonderful new awareness.

The presentation of her artworks invites the visitors of SWISSARTEXPO to make these very moments their own and establish a visual contact with the souls on both sides.

In her current art catalog, which will also be available on site for visitors, there are even more pictures by Cordula Kaiser to admire.

You are interested in Cordula Kaiser's work? - Appointments on site upon request are possible and welcome.

Send her an e-mail. Cordula Kaiser is looking forward to answering your questions.

For further information and impressions of Cordula Kaiser's art see her website:

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