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Pascale Margail enriches this year's SWISSARTEXPO with her artworks

Her new art catalogue will also be presented exclusively at the art festival

Zurich (ptp031/09.08.2021/14:00) From 25 - 29 August 2021, visitors of the SWISSARTEXPO 2021 can look forward to a wonderful digital ensemble by the French painter Pascale Margail in the time-honoured halls of Zurich's main railway station.

Rather by chance and perhaps also by fate, Pascale Margail, who until then had been active in diplomacy, felt the urge of painting on Easter 2013 and, thus, an almost visionary opportunity to reflect her own self in her fantastic paintings. She not only found the way to express herself, but also to get to know her innermost being and to transport it into an abstract reality. The impressive painter lets her feelings and the depths of her soul speak through true explosions and first-class combined compositions of strong colours and defining lines. Interesting shades and harmonious nuances are sensitively mixed and prepare the viewer for a very personal experience paired with his or her individual experiences and emotions. Shapes, lines, colours and her impressive creativity serve Pascale Margail as a means of communication, just as the written word does for others. With her works, she is able to capture the viewer's attention and allows him to give free rein to his flow of thoughts.

For the artist, painting is more than a mere ele- ment of a higher art. It is her friend, her listener, her companion and the connection of her soul to the outside world. The viewer looks in vain for comprehensible plot lines in her paintings, but the only thing Pascale wants to convey is a message to the other side of the emotional plan. Her works are touching and leave it open to each viewer in which way they would like to interpret her works for themselves. What is precious is the boundlessness and pure freedom that these explosive paintings carry. Well-known in France and also internationally, the gifted painter has made a name for herself and will now also enchant one of the largest art exhibitions in Europe with her passion and boundless creativity.

In addition to her works "Peacock", "Griserie" and "Résurrection", which will be exhibited in digital form, visitors of the SWISSARTEXPO from 25 - 29 August 2021 can also look forward to an exclusive art catalogue by Margail. This catalogue will present an interesting selection of exclusively chosen works that nicely round off the artist's general work and allow an even deeper insight into her creativity.

Interested parties can also find further information about Pascale Margail's artistic activi- ties on her website: https://www.pascalemargail.com

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