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Francesco Cusumano at the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0

Artist Francesco Cusumano will be represented with two works and his newly published art catalogue

Zurich/Barcelona (ptp013/21.04.2021/13:00) From 2nd - 7th May 2021, Francesco Cusumano takes his admirers on an artistic journey in a breathtaking setting. Not far from the world-famous "Arc de Triomf", the life-experienced and internationally acclaimed painter will present his audience with an insight into the world of spiritual travel in reference to the wonderful variety of earthly conditions. Sensitively, technically highly talented and harmoniously mature, Francesco Cusumano shows that his works, like life itself, are never limited by stagnation and imposition, but are always passionate, surprising and desirably free-spirited.

Memories, dreams, feelings and future versions find an epic stage in the paintings of the Sicilian-born artist with warm colours and clearly separated nuances. The restlessness in its most beautiful form determines the work of Cusumano. No matter where the path leads the viewers and how far they can follow the painter's feelings, in the end the individual goal and result of an intense and tangible life experience will feel equally enriching.

Francesco Cusumao presents in Barcelona an expressive and formative symphony of two works (Passione 1 and Passione 2), which, full of passion, embody exactly what he is known for. Abstract and yet harmonious, Cusumano is able to give form to his emotions in an impressive way, taking the viewer into a world full of fantasy, adventure and sensation. Majestic and at the same time wonderfully vulnerable, these works of art invite the viewer to linger and dream.

The international stage of art is one of Cucumano's life stations. He inspires a sworn audience, which can always look forward to new creative and surprising works. The painter does not hide the influences of his origins and continues to develop himself and his works throughout his life.

The acrylic mixing technique serves him as a reliable craft, which gives him the important freedom for his impressive creations.

With the ARTBOX PROJECT Barcelona 1.0 Francesco Cusumano joins the ranks of artists from all over the world and exhibits his original artworks alongside with the modern digital screening of various other excellent creations. At the same time, a new art catalogue with 10 paintings and many unforgettable moments of a new horizon of painting awaits the visitor.

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