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The Hong Kong-born artist Anton Poon presents his sculptures as a semi-finalist at the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0

Anton Poon presents his works of art digitally from 2 to 7 may 2021 in Barcelona

Zurich/Barcelona (ptp051/20.04.2021/18:00) - The artist Anton Poon will be represented with three of his unique sculptures in the European art metropolis Barcelona from 2 to 7 may 2021 during the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0. His bronze sculpture "Mahjong bridge" will additionally receive a special digital presentation as a semi-finalist during the exhibition which will take place in a prestigious art gallery near the world-famous "Arc de Triomf".

The sculptor Anton Poon, born in 1989, currently lives and works in Hong Kong. His sculptural practices, in which he predominantly works with corten steel and bronze, expands from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland and Australia. In 2016 he has graduated from the Australian National University School of Art and Design (ANU SoAD) with a Masters of Visual Arts with honors. He was later engaged at the same university as a sessional lecturer and technical officer, where he was able to share his excellent knowledge and craftsmanship with students and visiting artists. His sculptures have been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions and have been presented in various public outdoor art projects. Over the last four years he has used and continuously developed his skills and ideas as an independent artist and in collaboration with landscape architects, professional artists and development companies.

With his sculptures, Poon aims to explore the concept of cultural transition. With metaphors such as bridges and tunnels or the use of abstract modular forms, he wants to bring the viewer nearer to a theme that is very close to his own heart and with which he made his own experiences at a young age. In his teenage years, he left his home in Hong Kong and travelled to Australia, where he dedicated himself to his training as a sculptor at the "ANU SoAD". Poon sees his sculptures as a gateway for sharing these ideas and emotions physically and visually with outsiders.

The materials he uses for his elegant and clear works of art represent a very important part of his craft. The material bronze was introduced to him through the traditional customs of his grandparents, which is why it symbolizes for him the counterpoint to his experiences with other materials that he first got to know in Australia. He associates working with steel with the experiences he gained in Australia, far from his home country, during his training. Thus Poon succeeds in creating a connection between the contemporary and the traditional self through the choice of his materials and their individually meaning.

In addition to his artworks, his newly published art catalogue can also be viewed live in Barcelona. The ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0 will take place from 2 to 7 may 2021 in the Valid World Hall at Buenaventura Muñoz 6 in Barcelona. The exhibition will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

His newly published art catalogue can now also be ordered on:

More information about the creative work of Anton Poon and his diverse portfolio can be found at: https://www.swapcreativestudio.com

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