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The Meissen Drawing School - Painting to it's highest Perfection

Book cover
Book cover "Die Zeichenschule 2022" (Copyright: Weltbuch/Meissen)

Meissen/Sargans (ptp044/07.05.2021/20:00) More than 310 years ago, the development of an unique craft began with the invention of the first European porcelain. As such, it is part of an unique cultural heritage that to this day is expressed in the illustrious history and the world's largest and oldest trove of forms, models, patterns and artwork from all eras and tens of thousands of colour formulas safeguarded in our manufactory's on-site paint laboratory. That said, all of this would be nothing without the skilled manufactory artisans, who, with their unsurpassed craftsmanship, experience and passion, impart each piece of our manufactory porcelain with its unique beauty.

For over three centuries, the manufactory has preserved this extensive knowledge and continuously passed it on to the next generation of painters and designers, who all start their training in Meissen's on-site drawing school. Since its founding in 1764 by Johann Gregorius Höroldt and Johann Joachim Kaendler, the school has taught emerging porcelain painters and figurine moulders the foundational knowledge of their craft by drawing nature studies on paper. From theories of human and animal proportions to the spatial representation of fruits and objects and the detailed rendition of nature - all of these skills lay the foundation for understanding our patterns and artwork.

By teaching foundational technical as well as artistic skills, the drawing school is the first step on a long and guided path to becoming a Meissen artisan. Training future generations is a matter that is particularly close to our hearts, as it is they who will carry on the legacy of Meissen's signature hand-painting - both of traditional and new patterns - into the future. With our deep commitment and important contribution to upholding this extraordinary craft, we were thrilled when the German UNESCO included porcelain painting to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016.

For Kordula Hieronymus, head of the drawing school for decades, it is a great pleasure every year to be able to show the impressive artistic skills of today's Meissen generation in the form of an art calendar with a small selection of the best works by her students. The calendar "Die Zeichenschule" (The Drawing School) published by Weltbuch Verlag provides a small insight into the world of "white gold".

In this year's drawing school calendar edition, beautiful lilies adorn the cover - an impressive work by Ilona Nath.The Dixieland Collage by Marcel Marchler from 2003 is a vivid reminder of how diverse and personal the drawing school artworks are. In September, the nasturtiums by Julia Abaimov shine in full bloom, before Sandra Kühne's autumn branches set the tone for colder seasons ahead. Finally, we bring the year to a close with the drawing "Winter Arrangement" by Carolin Braune.

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