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New dual leadership at Slovenian AICHELIN subsidiary BOSIO d.o.o.

BOSIO starts in Slovenia with new leadership

Michael Reisner (left) and Marko Klinc (Copyright: AICHELIN Holding GmbH)
Michael Reisner (left) and Marko Klinc (Copyright: AICHELIN Holding GmbH)

Celje (ptp018/14.03.2023/10:15)

After company founder and long-time CEO of BOSIO d.o.o., Mr. Hugo Bosio, turned to new challenges, the management of the successful industrial company was reorganized on February 1, 2023.

As a new addition to the management team of AICHELIN Group, Mr. Marko Klinc will be in charge of production at BOSIO as Managing Director. At the same time, he will be the sole managing director of AICHELIN Assembly Center Europe (ACE), which is located at the same site in Slovenia.

ACE recently launched the first expansion stage of one of the most modern production facilities for heat treatment plants in Europe in the Slovenian city of Celje. Here, plants for almost all companies in the industrial furnace construction sector of AICHELIN Group in Europe are manufactured and assembled.

As an experienced manager, Dipl.-Ing. Marko Klinc has acquired extensive expertise at Slovenian industrial group Gorenje, which he will be able to apply perfectly to his new area of responsibility.

At BOSIO d.o.o., he will be assisted by Dipl.-Ing. Michael Reisner as an additional managing director, who will be primarily responsible for the new installations business. Mr. Reisner has been and will continue to be Managing Director of Austrian heat treatment plant manufacturer AICHELIN Ges.m.b.H. in Mödling. This dual function ensures that customers can benefit from the best solution from both companies' portfolios for their specific requirements.

BOSIO, a Slovenian manufacturer of industrial furnaces, is a subsidiary of AICHELIN Group and ranges among the leading producers and service providers of heat treatment plants in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 1990 and manufacturers large chamber furnaces, bogie-hearth furnaces, pit furnaces as well as roller-hearth and belt-furnaces particularly for customers in the steel processing industry for forged and cast components. BOSIO's export markets are primarily Western and Eastern Europe, and India. The company's headquarters are in Celje, Slovenia and they employ more than 80 people.

About AICHELIN Ges.m.b.H.
AICHELIN Ges.m.b.H., with its headquarters in Mödling near Vienna, is one of the leading European companies for atmosphere-based industrial furnaces and systems for the heat treatment of metal components. The Austrian company has 100 employees and focuses not only on the production of industrial furnaces, but also on control and automation systems, industry-4.0 solutions and their servicing and maintenance. Its furnaces are primarily used in the fastener, bolts and roller bearings industries, in the industry for precision and bulk parts, in the electrical components industry, in commercial heat treating operations as well as in the automotive and automotive supplier industry.

About AICHELIN Group
As part of Berndorf AG, AICHELIN Group is a leading provider of heat treatment solutions, such as industrial furnaces, induction hardening plants, industrial gas burners systems, con-trol and automation systems, industry-4.0 solutions as well as services. The AICHELIN head-quarters are located in Mödling near Vienna. The company's roots date back to 1868. The long-established brand AICHELIN, as well as AFC-Holcroft, EMA Indutec, SAFED, BOSIO, and NOXMAT, make up the group and together employ more than 1,200 people. AICHELIN Group ranges among the world's top 3 heat treatment companies. AICHELIN's subsidiaries in Europe are located in Austria, France, Germany, Slovenia, and Switzerland; the worldwide presence of the company includes subsidiaries and branch offices in China, India and the US, as well as a sales network in 22 more countries.

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