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Gabor Richter presents his impressive works at the SWISSARTEXPO 2022 in Zurich

German artist Gabor Richter will be at the SWISSARTEXPO with one of his signature masterpieces

Zurich (ptp027/05.08.2022/15:00)

German artist Gabor Richter announces he will be at this year's SWISSARTEXPO from 24 - 28 August with one of his signature masterpieces. This year, the Swiss art festival is taking place for the fourth time in Zurich's venerable central station hall - one of the most visited halls in Europe.

A hidden artistic talent has always lain dormant in Gabor Richter - but it was only 10 years ago that the talent became a gift and finally even a vocation. His main inspiration was the Russian-German artist Alexander Solotzew. During inspiring study trips and a degree in art, Gabor Richter developed a deep bond with painting.

According to the motto "The most valuable thing is always the newly learned, after you think you know something", Richter always develops new creations, which are full of untamed movement, just like his character. The artist sometimes uses old photos of historical persons or paintings created by artists of the past as models. Richter gives the paintings a new role and creates space for new thoughts and interpretations. In this way, he pursues his aim as an artist to make the viewer of his art think about being itself, about people, life and crucial values. The captivating acrylic paintings impress with their wild and yet harmonious design.

An explosive sea of colours becomes an experience for the senses and lets you explore some exciting details even at second glance. As if the expressive colours and motifs had a mind of their own, they come together in the artist's paintings to form an impressive theme and leave plenty of room for the viewer's own imagination. Selected accents and motifs serve as food for thought and honour the masterful skills of the venerable creators of the great age of art. Impressions are lost in Richter's presented works, and those who become fully involved in his art not infrequently linger for several moments so that no detail of the fantastic compositions escapes them. Not only the first, but also the second, third and fourth glances at these paintings allow for ever new moments of experience. SWISSARTEXPO 2022 offers the ideal setting for the work of a passionate and innovative artist who has learnt his craft and puts it into practice with a love of creativity.

Freedom of thought and a wide scope for interpretation are very important to Gabor Richter and so every visitor to this year's SWISSARTEXPO from 24 - 28 August in Zurich is invited to form his or her very own opinion about his works of art. A catalogue carefully designed by Richter will also provide further impressions of his painterly work between movement and detail.

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