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Prudence Au enriches the SWISSARTEXPO 2022 with her unique works of art

Artist Prudence Au will present her ink paintings to the enthusiastic audience at SWISSARTEXPO

Zurich (ptp017/05.08.2022/11:00)

The highly sought-after creations of the Hong Kong artist enjoy worldwide recognition. The artist is already represented in various renowned art galleries in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Spain and Italy, and this August she will be enriching the renowned Swiss art exhibition SWISSARTEXPO in the heart of Zurich.

Through the great encouragement of her father, Prudence already started her career with a brush at the delicate age of 3 and painted her first works of art. Having grown up in the global metropolis of Hong Kong, she has successfully made a name for herself in the art scene and delights the public with symbiotic, sometimes feather- light colour plays. Her art is a single sea of colours and imaginative forms, for which the artist finds her inspiration in the beauty of nature. Her five creations in ink presented at the SWISSARTEXPO: "Ruby Blossom, Sapphire Blossom", "Break the cocoon into a butterfly", "Energy gives new life" and "Peaceful waves" show the undisputed elegance and grace of natural wonders in their enchanting uniqueness.

Light lines, flowing tones and the wonderful illustration of the movements create a dreamy natural mood. For dreaming and lingering, the first-class creations offer plenty of space for one's own thoughts and allow one to recognise ever new details even with repeated viewing. Just as an inconspicuous caterpillar becomes a graceful butterfly, a whole new reality can grow out of a thought.

The elegant paintings are particularly effective in a discreet ambience and sparkle with life and harmony. The contemporary art of Prudence Au is more than popular and so especially commissioned works are considered a real achievement. The renowned artist makes a very personal experience with her art possible by incorporating individual motifs into her artworks on request.

This year's SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich offers an impressive stage for the unmistakable works of Prudence Au. Every visitor is invited to experience the works up close in the original.

Further impressions of the artist's work and more about Prudence Au's life can be found on her website or in the art catalogue created exclusively for the exhibition, which can also be viewed at the SWISSARTEXPO.

Contact details of the artist

Gallerpru Art Gallery
Artist: Prudence Au
IG: @gallerpru
Welcome for commissions

Ansprechpartner: Jenny-Rose Zenklusen
Tel.: +41 41 539 19 22