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Altech Advanced Materials AG: Capital measures to be proposed to the Annual General Meeting

Heidelberg (pta020/11.07.2022/15:30 UTC+2)

The Management Board and Supervisory Board of Altech Advanced Materials AG ("AAM / the Company") (FRA: AMA1) today resolved to propose various capital measures to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 23 August 2022 to compensate for the loss of half of the share capital and to secure the financing of the Company. In detail:

Based on the initial findings from the work on the interim financial statements as of 30 June 2022, the company announced in the course of the announcement of the preliminary half-year results for the first half of 2022 on 8 July 2022 that a loss amounting to more than half of the share capital had occurred. Since the company needs equity capital to finance its business activities, various capital measures are to be proposed to the Annual General Meeting, also against the background of the balance sheet situation.

In the first step, the share capital of the Company shall be reduced to EUR 2,825,000.00 by way of a simplified capital reduction for the purpose of covering balance sheet losses at a ratio of 2 to 1 by consolidating shares.

After the capital reduction, a cash capital increase of up to EUR 4,237,500 with subscription rights for the shareholders shall be resolved with a subscription ratio of 2:3 (corresponds to 4:3 before the entry of the capital reduction) and with a subscription price of EUR 1.00 per share. When the new shares are issued, EUR 0.30 per share shall be claimed and the remaining EUR 0.70 per share when the company needs the additional funds.

Furthermore, an Authorised Capital in the amount of EUR 3,531,250 as well as an authorisation to issue convertible bonds together with a Conditional Capital to service conversion and option rights shall be resolved as anticipatory resolutions.

The Company intends in addition to the cash capital increase on the basis of these anticipatory resolutions to issue a convertible bond with a nominal value of approximately EUR 3.5 million with attaching options after the Annual General Meeting. The conversion price and option price are to be EUR 1 per share. The shareholders are to receive a subscription right to this convertible bond. Details of this proposed issue are still under review.

The capital increase and the issuance of the convertible bond with attaching options shall be carried out without a prospectus. However, an admission prospectus for the new shares to be issued is to be prepared in parallel in order to ensure a timely listing of the new shares, which can only be included in the listing of the existing shares after full payment.

The Board of Directors


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