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Dexwet pleased with successful capital increase

High demand - shares 135 percent oversubscribed

Vienna (ptp021/27.08.2015/10:25) With the end of the rights offering period on Monday 17th August 2015, the first capital increase phase of the Austro-American filter manufacturer has been successfully concluded. "The contract of this capital increase was met with an extraordinary turnout and majority in July in the annual general meeting, and now our shareholders have shown that their actions speak as loud as their words", dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz happily summarised.

The figures speak for themselves: 88.5 percent of shareholders fully or partly exercised their legal subscription rights. In total, 83.6 percent of new shares were subscribed by legal subscription rights. Shareholders, who represent 71.9 percent of the share capital, in any case oversubscribed.

In total, over 2.75 million Euros was handed over by existing shareholders in legally binding rights. "This capital increase has been oversubscribed by around 135 percent. By means of contrast, in effect, only around 16 percent of new shares were actually ready to be oversubscribed due to the high participation. These free new shares were equally divided among the oversubscribing shareholders in accordance with regulations", board spokesman Sparowitz reported. "After an invigorating summer, we are now seeing a hot autumn. The high support from our shareholders represents the most important foundations for the implementation of our company strategy and expansion into the international market."

About dexwet
Dexwet International PLC is a specialist in innovative filter technologies and holds almost 50 patents in the USA and Europe. Their unique filter system effectively and reliably eliminates coarse, fine and micro dust and distinguishes itself by its high level of air permeability. Dexwet produces and sells its filter systems as fine particulate air filters for office equipment such as printers, copiers and fax machines, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry, the gambling industry (slot machines) and in the ATM industry. The company has been intensively working on solutions for the automobile industry and internal filtering since 2014.

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