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Art from Munich at the SWISSARTEXPO

Publication of new art catalogue

Zurich, Switzerland (ptp025/08.08.2019/14:00) - The artist Ute Bivona, born 1960 in Germany, announced today that her artworks have been accepted by the jury of the ARTBOX.PROJECT and will be shown digitally at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO in August 2019. The art festival, which is expected to attract around 400,000 visitors, will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Central Station.

"I wanted to be creative, paint, draw! Nothing else," says Ute Bivona. Her childhood was marked by disappointments and adversities. That's why she kept on fleeing into a magical world of colours, painting and drawing she had created herself. The freedom to dive into a colourful, friendly and bright world at any time gave her strength and allowed her to grow into a fabulous passion for art. Since that time she has not let go of her creative work. Her style developed over the years, she tried different techniques until she finally found her "destiny" in abstract painting.

Through the conscious use of striking contrasts and strong colors, Ute Bivona succeeds without difficulty in attracting the attention of the viewer. The structures brought about by experimentation give the paintings a unique expression. They invite the viewer to linger and leave plenty of room for one's own interpretations. A closer look at her works quickly reveals how much passion these paintings contain. It really jumps out and reveals the dedication with which Ute Bivona devotes herself to her art. "Painting is like breathing for me, I can't do without it, I MUST! This is my life and I express it in every single one of my paintings, as unique as my fingerprint," explains the artist.

Ute Bivona also announced today that her new art catalogue has been published. In this art catalogue she presents an exquisite variation of 18 works from her artistic oeuvre. Among others, works such as "Ein Wintermärchen" or "Sommer in der Stadt" are presented, which convince through their complexity in the choice of colours and textures. Thanks to the very high-quality printing of the catalogue, the works presented are shown to their best advantage. The catalogue will also be shown at the SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich as a major prelude, alongside various other works by Ute Bivona. Those wishing to see for themselves the unique works and the newly published art catalogue of Ute Bivona are cordially invited to do so live in Zurich during the SWISSARTEXPO.

Ute Bivona's art catalogue can now also be ordered on: https://artbox-publish.myshopify.com/products/ute-bivona

Further information about the creative work of Ute Bivona and current works can be found on the website: http://www.utebivona.com

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