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French vibes at the SWISSARTEXPO - Art directly out of Paris

Delphine Collot at the SWISSARTEXPO

Zurich, Switzerland (ptp019/06.08.2019/14:00) Delphine Collot announced today that she was successful in convincing the jury of the ARTBOX.PROJECT with her works of art and that she will therefore exhibit digitally at the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO in August 2019. The art festival, which is expected to attract around 400,000 visitors, will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Central Station.

Born in Paris in 1974, the artist, thanks to her home town, had the opportunity to discover a wide range of works by various great artists in museums and exhibitions as a child. These art-influenced youth years paved the way for Delphine Collot's later artistic career. Early on she was able to count on the support of her teachers and later even that of national politicians. Delphine Collot's art is particularly popular today, when climate change, nature and our environment play a central political and social role. As a supporter of environmental protection, she also deals with this topic in her art in a very individual and differentiated way.

Her paintings, striking for their bright colours, reflect abstract snapshots of her environment in a very interesting and individual style. When looking at these works, the viewer is given a great deal of freedom for his own interpretation and yet the works are able to captivate and unfold a constantly broadening effect on the viewer. Delphine Collot is a master of her craft, which is easy to recognize. With courageous contrasts and consciously applied textures, she communicates through her pictures and manages to unite her creativity, her intentions, her momentary images and her skills into a harmonious whole.

Collot also announced today that her new art catalogue has been published. In this art catalogue she presents an exquisite variation of 10 works from her artistic oeuvre. Among others, works like "H-Victoire" or "Dernier né" are presented, which give a wonderful insight into the diversity of her works. Thanks to the very high-quality printing of the catalogue, the presented works are shown to their best advantage. The catalogue will also be shown at the SWISSARTEXPO Swiss Arts Festival in Zurich as a major prelude, alongside various other works by Delphine Collot. Anyone wishing to see for themselves the exciting works and the newly published art catalogue is cordially invited to do so live in Zurich during SWISSARTEXPO.

The art catalogue of Delphine Collot can now also be ordered on https://artbox-publish.myshopify.com/products/collot-d2l?_pos=1&_sid=5e02ee5bc&_ss=r and Amazon.

Further information about the creative work of Delphine Collot and current works can be found on the website: https://collot-d2l.blogspot.com

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