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Australian masterpieces at the SWISSARTEXPO

John Mezzini announced that some of his most renowned works will be shown at the SWISSARTEXPO

Zurich, Switzerland (ptp028/07.08.2019/14:00) The Australian artist John Mezzini announced today that in August 2019 some of his most renowned works will be shown at the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0 art festival SWISSARTEXPO. His well-known portraits will provide a refreshing insight into the style and artistic work of John Mezzini. The artist managed to convince the 15-member jury of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0. His work "Ad apicem" was chosen as one of the 100 semi-finalists and therefore receives a special presentation on the large 2x2 meter LED screen in the middle of the SWISSARTEXPO. The exhibition will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in Zurich's main railway station hall - around 400,000 visitors are expected.

The work of this artist is characterized by a particularly unique handling of light and shadow. When looking at his works, it quickly becomes apparent that these two components occupy a particularly central position in his artistic work. The artist's impressive motifs show moving people who are captured in almost epic poses by the artist's complex play of light. Grace, power and strength are central elements of the athletic protagonists of his works, which, through their powerful poses, open up various sensations and a great deal of freedom for personal interpretation.

In addition, John Mezzini today announces the publication of his newly published art catalogue. In this catalogue he presents an exquisite variation of his typical works on 12 pages. This catalogue convinces with its high print quality and the uniqueness of its images. If you would like to get a first-hand impression of his great works and the new catalogue, you are cordially invited to do so live in Zurich in August.

The art catalogue of John Mezzini can soon be ordered on Amazon.

Statement of John Mezzini:

It's hard to say what keeps me coming back to the process of making a painting. I have a full time job in the regular working world and have made a success of it. I have buried artistic pursuits deep, many times over and over. Pushing work and modern life ahead of the practice with pragmatic rationality. There are a thousand reasons to not make any more paintings. But the one that cannot be argued, is that if I stop making paintings, I am left with only the known knowns. Not the unknown. For whatever reason, we take a chance in uncovering something about ourselves like the first time you meet a special person, for me this is what painting is and it drives me through the long nights and working days without sleep.

Every experience we have is personal, the way everything looks and is remembered is different in each of us. To describe these things with a visual language of my own is a deep desire I have always had. Everything to do with the human condition is my chosen subject matter. I explore themes of vulnerability, social interaction, physical movement and composed poses with emphasis on the use of refracted light as apposed to detailed visual representation.

Its more of a need than a want to pursue an individual painting language that is both a tribute to what has been and an exploration of what can be achieved though the equity of time and continual application. Its important to me to keep within the confines of oil painting and drawing. Even though I have had a visual arts education, I have spent many years as an engineer and this has indoctrinated me into the value of some basic control of the variables and the importance of scientific rigor and using set tools of construction.

Wether it is the emotion or pure physicality of the subject, the fascination is the same. My approach is the exploration of the instinctual mark making and the learned understanding of its values or flaws. It is my process to recognize of where the gestural becomes the description of the represented figures and refracted light. My exposed views and their representations are all there, I hope, for your enjoyment as well as my validation as an artist.

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