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Filter Manufacturer Dexwet to acquire Air Purifier Producer Aludo

German specialist for high-end air cleaning devices expanding Dexwet product portfolio

Marburg/Vienna (Austria) (ptp012/27.09.2018/10:05) Dexwet Holdings Corporation, parent company of Austro-American filter manufacturer dexwet International AG, announces the takeover of the German air purification equipment manufacturer Aludo GmbH. Aludo CEO Lothar Schneider is designated as the new Chief Technical Officer (CTO) on the board of the holding. The acquisition was closed on September 26. Aludo shall remain as a high-end brand with Dexwet inside®.

With the takeover of the company specializing in high-end air purification equipment in Marburg an der Lahn, preparations for the market entry in China and Asia are being pushed ahead. Dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz also considers the move as a milestone on the way to the intended IPO next year. For Lothar Schneider, the integration of Dexwet filter technology into the Aludo product landscape is "a technological quantum leap". The mutual integration of the two companies has been underway since the contract was signed in June this year.

The German Aludo Air manufactures high-quality air purification devices, that operate very effectively and very quietly. The free-standing units can also be used in the bedroom or children's room without generating disturbing noises or harmful radiation fields. Aludo devices are currently still working with conventional filter technology. The high-end product line for air cleaners is now getting equipped with Dexwet inside®, the revolutionary wet-filter technology.

Dexwet filter technology in Aludo air purifiers

Dexwet CEO Sparowitz predicts above all the immense synergies: "The highly air-permeable Dexwet filters will be installed in all Aludo units as a pre-filtration level to reduce the particle load on the conventional filter levels and to extend the service life of existing filter levels by two to four times. This reduces follow-up costs for the filter exchange by 50 to 80 percent - a key argument for Dexwet, because quality is sustainable and pays off in the long term."

Lothar Schneider, Managing Director and technical mastermind, has earned good reputation with the Aludo Air brand since 2015: "For Aludo, the signs are now pointing to worldwide expansion. The merger with Dexwet gives us yet another competitive advantage: As the first manufacturer of air purifiers in the industry we can now implement the patented Dexwet filter technology. The know-how gain is great for both sides."

Lothar Schneider brings over two decades of experience in the ventilation industry. Prior to founding Aludo GmbH, he was involved in the development of several companies in various technology fields and most recently in the area of decentralized home ventilation. As the new CTO, Schneider will manage significant parts of the research & development department of the group. The focus lies on the expansion of the joint production in China.

Dexwet entry into air cleaning equipment production

For Dexwet Operations Managing Director Alexander Wiesmüller, the acquisition of Aludo marks the entry into the production of new high-quality air-purification appliances: "With our passive filter system dexwet pure air (dpa) for heat radiators, we have brought a healthy solution for preventive cleaning of the room air to the market. The use of passive air streams to clean the room air cannot be offered by any other filter manufacturer so efficiently. With Aludo on board, we can now complement our offering with active devices that can be used all year long and with automatic control."

With Aludo's existing high-end solutions, Dexwet will now move towards larger market segments in the medium-price segment. In spring 2019, Dexwet intends to introduce a completely new type of low-energy air-cleaning device for entering the Chinese market. This new generation of devices will then - especially for the Asian mass market - create a new low-price segment in which conventional filter technology can no longer keep up.

About Aludo: Quality Clean Air
ALUDO, an innovative manufacturer of air cleaning devices based in Marburg / Lahn, supplies system solutions for every application - for particles, pollen, allergens, viruses or bacteria. The air purifiers made in Germany are characterized by high-quality technology and materials. The devices are not only quieter, but also need less power than comparable devices. The performance is barely audible, Aludo air purifier are therefore perfect for the bedroom. Thanks to its castors, the devices can also be easily positioned in any room. Aludo is part of Dexwet's IP holding Dexwet International AG and is consolidated in the European Business Unit.

About Dexwet: True Filter Solutions
Dexwet is an Austro-American technology company specializing in the advancement and commercialization of the patented Dexwet wet-filter technology. Dexwet filters are durable, high quality and can be easily recycled and reused multiple times. Originally developed to effectively remove particulate matter emitted by heat-sensitive equipment, Dexwet today offers a broad range of customized solutions for particle sizes from raw to ultrafine dust. The extreme air permeability of the Dexwet filters, combined with high filter efficiency, translates into energy savings and improved performance.

For end users, and especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and those with respiratory deseases, Dexwet offers a uniquely effective range of products that provides clean breathing air at home and at work. With innovation partners, its wet filter technology is being brought into new fields of application, with technology partners Dexwet is developing industry-oriented applications and setting new filter standards that make the whole production processes more environmentally friendly and at the same time reduce costs significantly."

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