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getAbstract Launches Its New Online Library Inside China

Summaries offer an inside perspective on Chinese business, economics, politics and society

Lucerne (pts016/05.07.2017/12:00) July 5th, 2017 China is on the verge of becoming the world's largest economy. Now, companies such as Huawei, DJI and Tencent have already proven that it's an innovation powerhouse. Businesspeople around the world know that China is a land of great opportunities, but the country's unique culture, politics and economy prevent many from finding success. Businesspeople looking to crack the Chinese market or increase their company's innovation power with Chinese know-how need insider knowledge. By summarizing relevant and authentic Chinese publications in English, getAbstract breaks down cultural and language barriers to offer readers a first-hand glimpse inside China.

Think like a successful Chinese entrepreneur
getAbstract's Inside China library offers authentic, local expertise. The Beijing-based editorial team monitors Chinese newspapers, magazines, journals and books for the latest business trends, and selects the most powerful, relevant pieces to summarize in English using getAbstract's classic, easy-to-digest format. New summaries are added on a weekly basis. Corporate customers can purchase access to the library individually or as part of their current getAbstract multi-license business solution. Users have access to the summaries through getAbstract's website and mobile app anywhere, anytime.

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About getAbstract
getAbstract was founded in 1999 in Lucerne (CH) and is the world's #1 summary service for non-fiction books, articles, videos and reports. Delivering key insights in concise summaries, we are making millions of users the best-read experts on the business scene. Our library consists of 15,000+ titles across seven languages. With a large network of more than 600 publishing partners, we offer the latest trends in business, leadership, innovation, time management, health & well-being, emotional intelligence, creativity and much more. Our overseas branch office is located in Miami.

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