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Lifelike Love Doll - Individuality instead of Mass Produced Goods

Information by Klar-Text-Business UG

Wartenberg (pts009/05.02.2014/11:30) - More than 70 percent of all sex toys used worldwide come from China. A team of business researchers from the "China Daily" determined this fact. Well over 1,000 factories have specialized in the mass production of popular accessories, utensils and sex toys from Guangdong (in the south) to Zhejiang (east of China). Based on estimates, export sales are well over 3.8 billion U.S. dollars and are expect to increase in the year 2014.

Sex dolls of high quality differ from the low-priced "mass-produced playmates" in many respects right from the start. These high-quality models appear to be very natural, for one thing, and they can also be completely customized. The hair and eye color can be selected right at the time of placing a special order, for example. The torso can also be selected as can the "nationality" of the ladies. In this way, the preferences and wishes of the buyers can be perfectly satisfied in the truest sense of the word, even in the year 2014.

Life-size reproductions of the usually feminine person thus get men's hearts to beat so much faster! "Ladies" at this high quality level may often take up to six weeks to manufacture - depending on the scope of requirements of the buyer. But in return, the new owner receives his one of a kind item as requested.

In the meantime, there are now manufacturers who attempt to imitate even real breathing and orgasm. In addition, dolls which are true-to-original imitations of well-known porn stars are now available. This type of love doll may easily cost several thousand euros. They are therefore in no way comparable to the low-priced, inflatable blow-up dolls which are mass produced. Luxury sex dolls consist of a realistic material very similar to real skin, and are also compatible with allergy sufferers. The love dolls Lara, Bianca, Sherry or Jenna come from the house of "best-sexdoll.eu". They are of high quality on one hand, but in terms of price, a true alternative to the highest price range.

These "ladies" often become the man's best lady friend. The large variety of different types of love dolls enables the gentlemen to find just the right playmate. Low-priced sex dolls made of cheap plastic foil, on the other hand, are not very realistically shaped and therefore don't deliver the same high-level fun factor. More Infos: http://www.real-lovedoll.eu/index.php

Aussender: Ingenieurbüro Harald Möller
Ansprechpartner: Harald Möller
Tel.: 06641 - 3158
E-Mail: admin@best-sexdoll.eu
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