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28.03.2014 - 09:25 | Dexwet International AG
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Video: dexwet to invest in Automotive Industry

New filter technologies for increasing fine dust pollution

Vienna (pts015/28.03.2014/09:35) - One of the greatest challenges of our time is the increasing pollution due to respirable dust. Microscopically small dust particles enter our lungs and are directly transported into our bloodstream - causing severe damage to our health and wellbeing. Fine dust not only threatens human health and the environment, but also adversely affects the smooth operation of electronic equipment and machines. People and equipment must be protected, for example, by means of filter technologies.

Austro-American filter specialist dexwet International AG is one of the world´s leading manufacturer of Cleantech filter technology. The company develops and distributes diverse filter solutions for use in industry and trade, particularly for use in office equipment, vending machines, point of sale and display systems as well as heating and cooling systems. Since 2014, dexwet is striving to introduce innovative filter technology for the automotive industry.

New Standards in Filtering

dexwet filter technology sets new standards in sectors where filtration was previously difficult or impossible to realize due to the required airflow. Dexwet´s ability to fill this niche has allowed the company to become one of the worldwide leaders in the filter industry, winning numerous awards. And in addition: dexwet filter technology is particularly durable. Filter rods and filter plates can be recycled up to 100%, easy to clean and renewed coating with silicone oil.

Thus, dexwet wet filtration technology is much more efficient than most conventional filter systems and improves durability and cost effectiveness in motors and equipment - not to mention healthy conditions. Once filtered, hazardous particles can no longer enter the air since they adhere to the filter´s surface in a viscous, air-permeable substance where they remain stuck. This technology is exclusive and patent protected.

Yet matching technology with profitability is what makes dexwet filter systems so interesting. The filters create an added value, when and wherever they are used. This caused the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs to pronounce dexwet "Company of the Year" in the category of Environmental Technology.

This video delivers statements of dexwet founder und CTO, Erich Peteln, dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz, Diebold Costumer Relations Service Director Alexander Klug and the Director of Renauer Motorsport, Sepp Renauer.

Further Information: http://www.dexwet.com
Company Speaker and CEO: Clemens Sparowitz, Mobile +43 699 10727575
Press: Dr. Wilfried Seywald +43 (0) 699-18114006

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E-Mail: e.peteln@dexwet.com
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