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Unique russian art at the SWISSARTEXPO

Alexandre Egorov's magnificent artworks can be seen this August at the SWISSARTEXPO art festival

Zurich, Switzerland (ptp021/16.07.2019/14:00) - The Russian artist Alexandre Egorov announced today that his artworks have been accepted by the Creative Committee of the SWISSARTEXPO art festival. Various of his original works will be shown during the exhibition period. The exhibition, which is expected to attract around 400,000 visitors, will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in Zurich's Central Station Hall.

Alexandre Egorov completed his studies as a painter in the art studio of Lew Owtschinnikow and as a graphic artist at the Leningrad Art Academy. The 64-year-old can already look back on a remarkable career as an artist. His artworks have been shown both nationally and internationally at various group and solo exhibitions. It especially deserves mention that he was the first to design Russian Tarot cards. These were published by Piatnik in Vienna in 1992.

Looking at his paintings, it is clear where the artist gets his inspiration from. The influences of great masters such as Kandinsky or Malevich run like a fine red thread through his works. With the skilful use of expressive oil colours and interesting subjects, Alexandre Egorov succeeds in creating breathtaking overall compositions, which in many aspects are also influenced by his Dzogchen teaching. "The experience that we are all one, gives me the challenge to witness this state and to create something that unites contradictions and reflects the harmony of the world," explains Alexandre Egorov. His works convince through their depth as well as their positive energies and are able to attract the attention of the viewer effortlessly.

Furthermore, he announced today his newly published artists' catalogue. The artist catalogue shows an exquisite variation of various works by Alexandre Egorov. Thanks to the very high-quality print, the works presented in the catalogue are shown to their best advantage and arouse curiosity for more. Anyone wishing to see for themselves the impressive paintings and the new art catalogue by Alexandre Egorov is cordially invited to do so live in Zurich during the SWISSARTEXPO.

The art catalogue of Alexandre Egorov can now also be ordered on: https://artbox-publish.myshopify.com/products/alexandre-egorov

Further information about the creative work of Alexandre Egorov can be found on his website: http://www.egorov.ch/egorov/de/startseite/

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