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NASCAR with dexwet high-performance airfilters

Innovative plug-and-play filters improve performance of race cars

Zolder (ptp031/21.04.2016/15:35) - NWES and gold sponsor Dexwet International AG together proudly present the Dexwet NWES HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRFILTER upgrade as the final item of the 2016 performance upgrade that was introduced in Zolder together with the new aerodynamic package and bumper design. The new Dexwet NWES HIGH-PERFORMANCE-AIRFILTERS are custom-tailored to the given airbox of the 2016 race cars. The plug-and-play filters improve the performance behavior of the cars in a way that shall be realized positively by each and every driver. http://hometracks.nascar.com/series/whelen-euro-series

Following NASCAR philosophy of technical equal-playing-field for all drivers, the filter upgrade is provided to all teams at the same point in time, just before start-of-the-season, giving every driver the same shot to get used to the improved performance parameters and to yield from them on the track. The Dexwet NWES HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRFILTER upgrade has a net worth of EUR 2.950 per car - total-cost-of-ownership of the technology for one racing season. In order not to put further burden on team budgets, the equipment for 2016 is sponsored to the teams 50/50 by Dexwet and NWES so that the teams can just - plug&play&perform - enjoy this new technology. Dexwet CTO Erich Peteln: "Our Dexwet NWES HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRFILTERS are fully recyclable and filter maintenance is provided jointly by Dexwet and NWES on each race weekend. So if the filters have worked well and seem full, then they may need maintenance, just come by for our recycling service."

The Dexwet NWES HIGH-PERFORMANCE AIRFILTERS are more air permeable and therefore they provide the motor with sufficient volumes of filtered clean air, just-in-time when the carburetor requires it. So up to 10% plus maximum torque comes along with this max-torque occurring at about 10-15% reduced RPM (2015: 502NM at 4.843 RPM; 2016 upgrade to 556NM at 4.273 RPM). The motor responsiveness feels much better, more aggressive and better stabilizing the car on the way out of curves and during acceleration.

Statement CEO Clemens Sparowitz: "Overall, we are really proud to be able to contribute with our technology to the attractiveness of this Series and to this amazing sport that is creating more and more excitement and attention all over Europe every year. The sportsmanship of NASCAR drivers is unique and the technical equal-playing-field brings out the best of our most courageous, smartest and fastest drivers. Our filters add to motor performance as well as efficiency and the competition will only become tougher with them. We keep our fingers crossed for the safety of all 2016 NASCAR drivers and we expect to see a lot of thrill on the track as well as growth from networking as part of NASCAR family in Europe as well as worldwide. We are looking out for further successful technology partnerships on our way forward."

Statement CTO Erich Peteln: "We chose NASCAR as the perfect platform fitting to our company, with the objective to show and to present an example to the technical world of what dexwet filters can do. With our filters we prove we can provide higher engine performance combined with improved motor efficiency. Our green tech filter technology is patented and unique. It allows technical applications in many value-adding areas and our focus now shifted to the automotive industry. With our NASCAR engagement we already succeeded to enter the industry with first applications and we are on a good way to grow in the right direction. In the end we want to be the best next technology for ambient air ventilation system of new cars. We also see a lot of beneficial applications in the upcoming markets of electric-cars. long filter effectiveness - true filtering long term - multiple re-use filter systems"

Background Story
During season 2014 and 2015 Dexwet applied its unique filter technology to improve filter performance together with engine fuel efficiency. The developed prototypes were tested on the race track on Pannonia Ring and Slovakia Ring. The filter configuration that got the best feedback from the drivers was then taken back to the laboratory for further assessment. Finally, engine bench test were executed that proved the experience of the Drivers with measured solid data. In spring 2015 NWES and Dexwet signed a MoU and in August 2015 joint tests of the developed filter inlets were executed in Fontenay-le-Comte, France. The datalog of the test-NASCAR showed the same results as reached with the engine bench test, giving green light for the application of the filters throughout the Series. In Magione, September 2015, Dexwet International AG and NWES signed a long-term partnership agreement and in October 2015 this partnership has been announced together with the presentation of the 2016 performance upgrade.

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