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The Token Generating Event TGE for Snowden-Coin took place

24 Mio. Coins generated with 24% revenue participation (C) TCUAG (C) TCUAG

Koblenz (pts040/27.09.2018/16:55) The Token Generation Event for took place

24.000.000 coins generated. The coins and contracts are visible at

Token Tracker: Snowden (SNOW), name Snowden

What happens next?

1. Investors of private pre-sale without an own wallet: TC will keep their coins in a special address and transfer all coins from address 1) see below.
2. Investors of private pre-sale with an own wallet: Investors please enter their eth-address into the profile,we will transferall coins intothe wallets as soon as possible.
3. New Investors start the KYC procedure here: , click payment
Within next days, we will add a new contract to establish the build in exchange (see whitepaper page 40 for details)

Token are organized into 13 accounts as you can see in the contract.
None of the 13 addresses will participate in revenue distributions forever. Only sold coins in user wallets or in the TC escrow wallet !
Currently only 33.318 coins are in circulation. This means a 720 time higher interest (24% revenue participation) than calculated in the online calculator is a security asset token participating the token-owner in 24% of all revenues of the new filesharing system
Project. WIth the stock listed TCU AG (FSE 745420) reached similar goals as high valued us projects like (USD240 Mio funding) or (USD 30 Mio. funding) or MegaNet/KimDotcom: fully anonymous filesharing with integrated payment for uploader, downloader, reseller or hoster. is utilizing unused storage capacity worldwide with integrated payment for hoster in a high speed shell around a stable IPFS p2p cloud storage system as kernel.

Aussender: TCU AG
Ansprechpartner: Petra Bauersachs
Tel.: +49 172 6584139