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Austrian filter technology for international ATMs

Longer service life guaranteed - Return on investment within one year

Vienna (pts001/01.05.2014/15:00) In case of positive pilot results Austrian filter technology will be used soon in automatic teller machines and card payment systems. Diebold, leading manufacturer and provider of ATM and self-service systems and dexwet International AG, patent holder for wet filter technology, have reached an agreement. Diebold Austria manager Gerhard Gierer asserts that initial test results were extremely encouraging, "dexwet fine dust filters help lower service and material costs. First results show that dexwet filters have a positive impact on service and material costs".

Almost every second ATM in Austria is serviced by Diebold. Key responsibility of any service team is to ensure that ATM machines operate trouble-free and without interruption - day and night. ATM breakdowns are often caused by street dust contamination. The ambient air conveyed into ATM machines in public locations to cool electronic components is often damp and contains high levels of dust. This leads to increased heat build-up in screens and in central processing units. And this, in turn, reduces service life and increases the amount of servicing required.

Reduced risk of filter blockage

Conventional felt filters (of air-permeable fabric) quickly become clogged. The lack of intake air can lead to improper cooling, overheating and thus causes breakdowns - due to defective circuit boards or power supply units. In technical terms, this is called " filter blockage". The patented filter system of dexwet comprises staggered air-permeable filter rods in double rows. These plastic rods are coated with a special carrier fluid and can be used with a fan (combination filter system). Dust particles remain stuck to the wet filter rod surface and the purified air can freely circulate and cool. Clogging is no longer possible.

Reduce costs with Diebold and dexwet "inside"

The new filter generation´s prototype for Diebold ATM machines consists of four filter units, a combination filter for the housing and for electronic components (= fan with filter element), which is used as a circulation system and a filter panel for the monitor, replacing the felt air filter. The filter system itself is designed to be exchanged every six months and requires only one annual cleaning thus saving service and maintenance costs. The constant level of cleanliness ensures lower costs for spare parts. In addition, filter rods themselves can be cleaned and "recycled" - promising "Green Technology".

Diebold provides about 3.000 ATM machines in Austria alone. "Maintenance costs add up quickly. Increased levels of dust contamination in the machines require more service and maintenance and shorter cleaning intervals", explains dexwet-CEO Clemens Sparowitz. This must be done in time and on a regular basis or else electronic components that have been affected by dust or damaged must be replaced, which means even higher costs. "Our filter technology can be used in all areas where electronic components must be protected against particulate matter: in the computer industry as well as in air conditioning and heating systems or slot machines", says Sparowitz.

Renewable filters thanks to environmentally friendly recycling

The unique selling point of dexwet fine dust filters is their high ecological compatibility (CO2-balance sheet) and their long lifetime. Service life is at least twice as long as for conventional filters and efficiency remains consistently high for more than 80 percent of their life cycle, airflow is reduced only during the final 20 % of service life. In contrast to felt filters, HEPA or carbon filters (which must be discarded), filter rods can be washed, recycled and used again - without any loss of quality. dexwet is thus the only recyclable filter technology available worldwide.

About Diebold
Diebold Inc. is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of ATM machines and self-service systems. Core business areas include the sale and support of hard- and software components. The company was founded in 1876 in the State of Ohio (United States); their headquarters are located in North Canton. Diebold Austria is market leader in the field of ATM machines.

About dexwet
dexwet International AG specializes in innovative filter technology and holds several patents in the United States and Europe. Its unique filter system extracts both coarse, fine and micro dust effectively and reliably and is characterized by very high levels of air permeability. dexwet already produces and distributes this filter system as a part of fine dust filters for office equipment (printers, copiers, fax machines), in the pharmaceutical industry and in the gaming industry (slot machines) where requirements are similar to those at Diebold.

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