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MediNavi AG: MediNavi AG acquires European medicinal cannabinoid company through its Danish subsidiary Nordic Swan Pharma Group

Frankfurt am Main, 08.09.2023 (pta020/08.09.2023/12:00 UTC+2)

MediNavi AG, a leading player in the pharmaceutical and wellness industry, is pleased to announce that its Danish based subsidiary, Nordic Swan Pharma Group, of which MediNavi AG acquired complete ownership in 2022, has successfully secured the operations of a European-based company specializing in medicinal cannabis products and cannabinoid-based dietary supplements. This strategic move signifies MediNavi's commitment to expanding its presence in the rapidly growing medicinal cannabis market.

The acquired operations comprise a substantial customer base exceeding 10,000 clients, an extensive product inventory, a dedicated team of professionals, as well as comprehensive sales and marketing resources. In addition to these assets, MediNavi will also assume control of several socially-oriented media platforms with a significant following, specifically interested in medicinal cannabis and the use of cannabinoids for pain management and other healthcare applications.

This acquisition aligns with MediNavi's all-embracing strategy to diversify its product portfolio and strengthen its position in the burgeoning cannabinoid market. Cannabidiol (CBD), a key component of cannabinoids, has seen remarkable market growth in recent years, driven by increased acceptance of its potential therapeutic benefits. MediNavi recognizes the immense potential of CBD and related products in addressing various health and wellness needs.

»I view this acquisition as a significant milestone in our pursuit of growth opportunities within the cannabinoid sector. The addition of a well-established customer base, an extensive product inventory, and a skilled workforce will enhance MediNavi's ability to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers seeking cannabinoid-based solutions«, says Nordic Swan Pharma CEO and board member of MediNavi AG, Brian Palm Svaneeng Mertz.

Furthermore, MediNavi remains actively engaged in evaluating other promising acquisition opportunities within the industry. By combining organic growth with strategic acquisitions, the company aims to solidify its leadership position and offer a comprehensive range of high-quality cannabinoid products to customers worldwide.

This transaction marks an exciting chapter in MediNavi's journey towards becoming a global leader in cannabinoid-based wellness solutions. The company remains dedicated to delivering innovative, safe, and effective products that improve the quality of life for individuals across the globe.

Chairman of the board, Sascha Magsamen adds, »In this era of expanding possibilities and growing awareness of the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, MediNavi remains steadfast in its commitment to providing innovative solutions for our customers. With this strategic acquisition, we're not only seizing an opportunity but also reaffirming our dedication to enhancing lives through cannabinoid-based wellness. Our journey continues, and our vision remains clear: to lead and transform the future of healthcare and well-being«, says Magsamen.

The acquisition comes at a pivotal moment in the dynamic landscape of the CBD market. Cannabidiol (CBD), a prominent compound derived from the cannabis plant, has seen extraordinary market growth and acceptance globally. This growth can be attributed to the increasing recognition of its potential therapeutic benefits, ranging from pain management to anxiety relief, and its versatility across various industries, including healthcare, cosmetics, food and beverages.

In recent years, consumer demand for CBD-infused products has surged, reflecting a paradigm shift in attitudes towards natural and holistic alternatives. The European CBD market, in particular, has experienced remarkable expansion, driven by regulatory advancements that have facilitated easier access and distribution. MediNavi recognizes the tremendous potential this market holds and is strategically positioning itself to play a pivotal role in its growth.

As we look ahead, it's evident that the CBD market is poised for sustained development. The evolving regulatory landscape is becoming more favorable, providing a conducive environment for innovation and product diversification. Consumer preferences are also evolving, with an increasing emphasis on product quality, safety, and transparency.

MediNavi is committed to staying at the forefront of these developments, ensuring that our customers have access to high-quality CBD and cannabinoid-based products that meet the highest standards of excellence. MediNavi views this acquisition as a strategic step towards not only participating in the thriving CBD market but also shaping its future through responsible and innovative practices.

By combining the acquired company's established customer base, product portfolio, and market insights with MediNavi's commitment to research, development, and quality assurance, the company aims to lead the way in delivering safe and effective CBD solutions that empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

»The CBD market is a dynamic arena with immense growth potential, and MediNavi is excited to be a driving force in its continued evolution and becoming a trusted leader in the CBD industry, providing products that contribute to the well-being and happiness of our customers while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and quality. Together with our subsidiary Nordic Swan Pharma Group, we're poised to make a meaningful impact on the global CBD landscape«, Magsamen concludes.

About Nordic Swan Pharma Group ApS

Nordic Swan Pharma Group is a pharmaceutical company specialized in medicinal cannabis, cannabinoids, and CBD-infused skincare products and supplements. Nordic Swan Pharma Group is investing in the Medical Cannabis Industry across Europe with a dedication and vision to improve individuals' quality of life and specializing in the development and manufacturing of nutraceuticals, supplements, and skincare products containing cannabinoids and other naturally powerful ingredients sold via their webshop across Europa and Scandinavia.

About MediNavi AG

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, MediNavi AG is a holding company that wholly owns Nordic Swan Pharma Group ApS.


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