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graceNT AG: It's a complete novelty: the first ALDAVIA® Brain & Body health center at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Cooperation SFU and graceNT AG

Cooperation SFU and graceNT AG

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Rotkreuz (pta/13.12.2016/10:10 UTC+1) At the ALDAVIA® Brain & Body health center at the Sigmund Freud University Vienna you take charge of your own health. The targeted training of mental and physical well-being under therapeutic care employs highly specialized medical technology and is based on a completely novel approach.

Time pressure, constant availability and disruptions of routine: Today's working conditions are now considered main causes of psychological and physical problems. This has been attested by hard facts: In 2015, more than half of all days spent on sick leave in the German-speaking world could be traced back to medical conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory system and psychological issues. But of course society's mental health has not decreased in general. Psychologists are rather observing a shift of impairments: pains, circulation or respiratory problems, allergies, back pains or aches in other body parts can be symptoms of so-called somatoform disorders or mental illness.

A strong signal for the health-conscious
Here, the ALDAVIA® health center position themselves as providers of solutions with extensive expertise. The opening of the center at Sigmund Freud University Vienna sets a clear signal and addresses all those who want to get active for their well-being. "We have developed a brand-new concept of personal health promotion. Opening our first health studio at the location of one of the most innovative private universities for psychology and medicine definitely meets our high standards of quality," the founders Alfred Wegerer and Werner Arrich stress. This quality awareness is what convinces Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c.mult. Alfred Pritz, owner and principal of the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. "With our own psychotherapeutic clinics we are an essential pillar in Vienna's care system. The ALDAVIA® health studio is a perfect fit for our philosophy and strategy."

Medical technology for mind and body
The ALDAVIA® concept is unique: Relaxation, stabilization and activation constitute the steps you take for your own health: For the first time it is now possible to simultaneously train physical as well as mental fitness - with highly specialized and tested medical technology equipment. This is not about arduous workouts or ambitious measurements, but about a holistic health concept. "It's about getting to know your own body, and long-term promotion of health and well-being, all under professional supervision," Mag. Matthias Essl, sports scientist and facility manager, explains. Therefor every ALDAIA® health center includes a Brain Center, which specializes on mental health and strives to achieve prevailing relaxation by employing methods such as light and music therapy. Meanwhile, the Body Center is all about physical health with a focus on balance and neurosensory training.

Marching towards well-being
What is true for both areas: The training programs are tailor-made, based on individual vitals and body data, and implemented under the professional supervision of doctors, sports scientists and physiotherapists. It starts with an initial examination; regular training sessions then allow for maximized benefit within a short period of time. Another part of the ALDAVIA® concept is the measurement of progress. This program is complemented by the ALDAVIA® academy's broad range of courses and lectures on the topics of relaxation, strengthening and reactivation: specialists offer group classes in Yoga, Pilates, respiratory training and relaxation techniques. Lectures on health-relevant topics such as burn-out or sleeping disorders promote the awareness and understanding of a conscious way of life.

The ALDAVIA® health center membership
Those interested are cordially invited to come and get to know the ALDAVIA® health center at SFU. An ALDAVIA® expert will show you around, and point out and explain your potential personal benefits.

ALDAVIA® health center
Freudplatz 1, 1020 Wien

graceNT AG, based in Rotkreuz/Switzerland, has a vision: a world in which everyone has easy access to personalized medical technology and can therefore age in a healthy, vital and autonomous manner. The company acquires and develops interest in innovative, established producers of medical products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. graceNT AG invented the triangular "Brain & Body" training concept ALDAVIA®, and is considered a pioneer in the sector of personalized and integrated training concepts for mental and physical fitness. Companies can install ALDAVIA® in-house to deliver occupational psychological and health care to their employees, thus achieving stress reduction and increased personal well-being of their staff.
Thanks to the successful stock exchange listing, clients can also become shareholders in the company and thus be part of an all new, exciting health care system.

Sigmund Freud University Vienna (SFU)
In 2003, Univ.Prof. Dr. Alfred Pritz, Univ. Doz. Dr. Jutta Fiegl, Heinz Laubreuter, MA, and Dr. Elisabeth Vykoukal founded the Sigmund Freud University Vienna. It was their ambition to change psychotherapy into the science of psychotherapy. In 2005, the course was officially acknowledged as a BA, MA and later PhD course. With its branch establishments in Paris, Ljubljana, Berlin, Milan and Linz, the university considers itself a European University. In 2015, the accreditation of the course for medicine at the SFU followed. Psychotherapeutic and psychological clinics are also part of SFU's portfolio.


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