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Italian artist Giovanni Lamberti publishes new art catalogue

The artist Giovanni Lamberti alias Le Rond

Zurich, Switzerland (ptp020/16.07.2019/14:00) - Italian artist Giovanni Lamberti alias Le Rond, born in 1953, today announces the publication of his newly published art catalogue. In this catalogue, the artist presents an exquisite selection of 10 different works from his artistic oeuvre. Iconic works such as "FN2+FR+FG2+TR2" or "FNA21+FG" grace the inside pages of the catalogue and provide the reader with a wonderful insight into Le Rond's diverse works of art.

It shows very well how Le Rond plays with forms and geometry, consciously trying to feel the boundaries of the balance between circle and square. With his two preferred materials, iron and wood, he creates harmoniously processed works that accomplish an act of trust, optimism, beauty and harmony. His spirit of experimentation and his creativity are constantly driving him to explore different techniques, materials, structures and dimensions.

It comes as no surprise that Le Rond's art is very well received both nationally and internationally. He has already been highly praised and honoured by the public for his artistic achievements. His works are regularly shown worldwide at various exhibitions and are in public as well as private collections. His representation at the EXPO MILANO in 2015 was particularly noteworthy. In addition, his works were shown for a whole year (2013-2014) at the Politecnico di Milano. Until today one of his works is presented there in a permanent solo exhibition.

As a big prelude to the publication of his catalogue, it will be shown during the SWISSARTEXPO art festival in Zurich. The SWISSARTEXPO will take place from 15th to 19th August 2019 in the SBB Event Hall and is expected to attract around 400 000 visitors. Le Rond's catalogue will be located in the midst of the original works of art in a prime location. All those who would like to convince themselves of the high-quality catalogue and the exceptional artworks it contains are cordially invited to do so live in Zurich during this time.

The Le Rond art catalogue can now also be ordered on https://artbox-publish.myshopify.com/products/giovanni-lamberti and Amazon.

Further information about Le Rond's creative creations and current works can be found on the website: http://www.lerond.it

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