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Estonian artist Merle Luhaäär presents her artwork for the first time in Barcelona as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT

Merle Luhaäär digitally presents her artwork and her new art catalogue from 18 - 22 March 2020

Zurich/Barcelona (ptp025/03.03.2020/14:00) - The Estonian mixed-media artist Merle Luhaäär, born in 1974, will digitally present her artwork "Leobra/ I Am U" alongside with her newly published art catalogue in the Valid World Hall art gallery in Barcelona as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0. This exhibition of the ARTBOX.PROJECT series will be a mix of original artworks and digitally showcased works by artists from all over the world.

In her artistic work, Merle Luhaäär does not limit herself to just one discipline. She creates mixed media artworks from digital art to paintings, installations and sculptures. She has travelled around the world with her creations while exhibiting them in various countries, including England, Estonia, Italy and Switzerland. Luhaäär has completed her studies at the Royal College of Art in London, where she graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Fine Art. She also earned a Master of Arts degree in Art Theory and Visual Culture at the Estonian Academy of Art in Estonia. In addition to her profession as an artist, she also works as an art writer. As such she has written numerous reviews of exhibitions for several art magazines in her home country Estonia and abroad.

"I study popular culture from Jesus Christ to Bart Simpson"

Merle Luhaäär reports the following about herself and her art: "I have always wanted it all and I chose not to choose. As a person as well as an artist and a designer. I am a painter, a printmaker, a fine art photographer, a video artist. I am busy creating installations, designing interiors and, yes, even garments. My religion is self belief. I am studying popular culture from Jesus Christ to Bart Simpson. Superheroes as pop icons and transhistorical characters allow me to draw the matrix we project, the reality we create. I am deconstructing the reconstruct while being a tourist in my own town and trying to catch a god factor between prehistoric and post historic times."

Furthermore, Merle Luhaäär has recently published her new artist catalogue. On 12 pages a selection of six works of art are presented, all of which fall under the category of digital art. The art catalogue can be viewed alongside with her digitally presented artwork at the Valid World Hall which is located at Buenaventura Muñoz 6 in Barcelona. The ARTBOX.PROJECT Barcelona 1.0 will be open to the public from 18th to 22nd March 2020 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The art catalogue can now also be ordered at: https://artbox-publish.myshopify.com/collections/latest/products/merle-luhaaar

More information about the artistic work of Merle Luhaäär can be found on her website at: https://www.merleluhaaar.com

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