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dexwet at Allergofair 2015

Pure Air Filter system now also available for consumers

Tulln (ptp002/24.10.2015/12:30) Austro-American filter manufacturer Dexwet International AG is going to present the new room air filter system Dexwet Pure Air (dpa) at the Allergofair 2015 in Tulln (Lower Austria) for private customers. The Green tech innovation was launched in spring for kindergartens, schools and office buildings frequented by the public. Meanwhile dpa solutions are also available for private households, including professional cleansing of radiators, installation and maintenance. http://bit.ly/204g56G

Radiators convey the air in heating mode up to 20 times a day by their fins. In this case, dust is deposited - also as biological inorganic material - in the interior of the radiator. This coarse dust, as well as fine dust particles pollute the indoor air quality. The patented dexwet filter technology was developed jointly with the European leader in radiators, Rettig ICC (Vogel & Noot) to market. Due to the high air permeability of dexwet filters radiators equipped with "dexwet pure air" are not only clean, but also highly energy efficient.

"The modular filter system is mounted on all radiators in the household in order to achieve maximum filter area and thus an optimal efficiency of the system. Each radiator is accurately measured and then easily fitted with customized filters at the bottom of the radiator by a magnet. The central heating is at the same time an air filter system, the radiators work as noiseless permanent vacuum cleaners: without any additional energy consumption. In most cases dexwet pure air even helps reduce heating costs," says Dexwet inventor Erich Peteln.

Relief for allergic people

"Dust allergies feel a significant relief when the radiators remain just as clean as the air constantly flowing through. Following the children's segment (kindergartens and schools) "dexwet pure air" now is also available for private customers. In addition to the group of allergy afflicted the system is particularly recommended for smokers and pet owners. "But dexwet pure air is actually ideal for any household, because everyone likes to avoid the hassle of vacuuming and dusting," explains dexwet CEO Clemens Sparowitz.

Dexwet on Allergofair booth

In addition to a raffle Dexwet International on its booth at the Allergofair in Tulln (Lower Austria) provides an insight into the world of fine, micro and nano-dust with all its problems, a specific look at the simple and smart pure air filter solution and a view on a dust-free future in every household. "Professional information and advice for people with allergies and sensitive lungs. This opportunity no one should miss," advises dexwet consultant Peter Löffelmann and is looking forward to high visitor frequency. http://www.dexwet.com/filtersysteme/raumluftfilter/

Clemens Sparowitz, CEO
E-Mail: c.sparowitz@dexwet.com
Tel. +43 (0) 699 10727575

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Ansprechpartner: Dr. Wilfried Seywald
Tel.: +43 699 18114006
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