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Corona vaccination campaign punishable by law? Lawyer Hannig files criminal charges against Dresden's mayor

Dresden city administration deliberately violates applicable laws

Frank Hannig, Weltbuch
Frank Hannig, Weltbuch

Dresden (ptp012/18.08.2021/10:25) The current law of the Federal Republic of Germany does not provide for the idea that "the end justifies the means". This must also be the case with the advertising of Corona vaccinations. According to Dresden lawyer and city councillor Frank Hannig, the Dresden city administration is violating the law in this regard.

On the homepage of the state capital Dresden,, free vaccinations with the vaccines "BioNTech" or "Johnson & Johnson" are advertised in the Centrum Galerie Dresden. The vaccination is also said to be linked to the giving of promotional gifts, namely participation in a raffle and other benefits.

According to Dresden city councillor Frank Hannig (Free Voters) and non-party candidate for the Bundestag elections, this advertisement violates the current law on the advertising of medicinal products. This law regulates in what very narrowly limited scope advertising for medicines or their administration may be carried out at all outside of specialist circles.

"According to this law, it is an offence, for example, to advertise a medicine without publishing the required mandatory information. In exactly the same way, anyone who advertises medicinal products or medical devices with gratuities or other advertising charges is acting in breach of the law," says lawyer Frank Hannig. He has therefore filed a criminal complaint against Lord Mayor Dirk Hilbert with the Dresden public prosecutor's office.

Hannig assures that his aim in filing the charges is not to harm the Lord Mayor. Rather, he says, it is the only way to bring about a legal review of whether the vaccine advertising justifies deviating from the strict protective regulations of pharmaceutical law.

Frank Hannig

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