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A Mesmerizing Exploration of Texture and Harmony - Explore Seika Lee Klein's Patchwork Art at this Year's SWISSARTEXPO

From 6th - 10th September 2023 at the SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich's Main Station

Zurich (ptp013/15.08.2023/15:00)

Master of transforming fabrics into mesmerizing works of art, Seika Lee Klein, will be showcasing her latest collection at the highly anticipated SWISSARTEXPO from the 6th to 10th of September 2023.

A professional artist with years of experience under her belt, Seika Lee Klein applies traditional Korean patchwork bojagi techniques, creating shapes that are tantalizing and unique to look at. The infusion of her personal experiences with the nostalgia of her culture, coupled with emotions such as anxiety, hope, and happiness, are evident in each piece. The resultant art is adorned with captivating curves and bold colors that bring out the natural beauty and characteristics of the fabrics used.

Seika Lee Klein's creative process is steeped in the culture of cherishing and being grateful for even the smallest pieces in life. As such, she often stitches together leftover fabrics to make her artworks. Her unique style of creation is a reflection of this culture and serves to inspire others to embrace the idea of cherishing the small things in life.

What makes Seika Lee Klein's artworks truly exceptional is the harmony of colors and the atmospheric impressions they leave on the beholder. Remarkably, part of this visionary approach is aided by her weakened eyesight. Even while wearing glasses since childhood, the artist often explores different fabrics to use without them. This intriguing approach reveals a curious paradox where the process of creation becomes clearer for the artist when things cannot be seen clearly.

To Seika Lee Klein, each piece of art represents a profound moment in her life and a reflection of a piece of her heart. Her art communicates messages of passion, diversity, and hopefulness, which inspire everyone fortunate enough to behold it.

Art lovers are welcome to explore Seika Lee Klein's exquisite artworks live at the upcoming SWISSARTEXPO art festival at Zurich's Main Station this September.

For more information on Seika Lee Klein's artistic œuvre, please visit her website or Instagram:



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