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Amanda Jane West brings mountain landscapes to this year's SWISSARTEXPO

The artist Amanda Jane West exhibits her art from 24 - 28 August at the SWISSARTEXPO

Zurich (ptp008/03.08.2022/09:00)

With Amanda Jane West, an artist with an impressive resumé and an exciting story joins the ranks of exhibitors at this year's SWISSARTEXPO 2022 in Zurich.

Amanda Jane West looks back on an extraordinary career in the field of art and architecture. Born in Johannesburg in 1963, West was strongly influenced by the impressions of apartheid in South Africa. In order to help the politically disadvantaged communities and to confront the ethnic grievances in South African societies, she made the remarkable decision to study architecture. At this time, Amanda Jane West used painting and drawing as a way to temporarily escape reality.

Her earlier works have sprung from the magic of South Africa through the wonderful variety of colour and light, honouring its unique biodiversity and culture. At the same time, architecture offered her a great springboard for self-determination and development. She gained her ideas and creative influences from the dreamlike regions of Stellenbosch, Durban and Cape Town, among others. Later, the path of the successful architect led her to Europe and her work received new traits through local change. Today, Amanda Jane West enjoys life with her family in Switzerland and gains her artistic inspiration from her idyllic surrounding landscapes.

As part of the Swiss art festival SWISSARTEXPO, which is taking place for the fourth time this year in the halls of Zurich's main railway station, West invites the viewer of her paintings to enjoy the freedom and vitality of her sensational mountain landscapes.

In the unique triptych "Green Summer Escape", the talented artist beautifully presents her view of the harmonious mountain landscape of the Davos Alps. The artwork consisting of three individual works describes the beauty and vastness of nature with imposing and friendly colours from a surrendered position. The focus is on awakening, freeing oneself and enjoying the invigorating and powerful spectacle of nature in its special sublimity.

Visitors of the SWISSARTEXPO 2022 can look forward to admiring the fantastic painting skills of an impressive artist and being taken on an authentic journey into a captivating and enchanting world. Unwinding and letting nature take its effect on oneself succeeds without limits with the idyllic paintings of Amanda Jane West. Viewers can let themselves drift and draw new energy from the colourful ensemble of nature. The elegance of the natural spectacles is particularly emphasised and wonderfully staged in these paintings.

For those who would like to experience more of the artist's compositions outside of the Swiss art festival there is a great excerpt of her work and vita on her website:

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