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Rosenbauer International AG: Rosenbauer International plans reorganization of its US sub-group

Significant increase of the shareholding intended

Leonding (pta013/24.02.2022/11:40) - Rosenbauer International AG has been opened a dialogue with one of the co-owners of the American subsidiary Rosenbauer America LLC on the acquisition of its shares with the aim to acquire further 25 % of the US sub-group. Rosenbauer America LLC is the holding company for the North American business of Rosenbauer Group and consolidates the production companies Rosenbauer South-Dakota LLC, Rosenbauer Minnesota LLC, Rosenbauer Motors LLC and Rosenbauer Aerials LLC. Rosenbauer sees this as a strategic change for a more closely integration in the company’s structures and a further development of the business model within the framework of the corporate strategy.

In 2020, Rosenbauer America LLC achieved a business volume of € 260.9 million, which is around 25 % of Rosenbauer’s consolidated revenues. EBIT in the NOMA (North and Middle America) area amounted to € 15.1 million at year end. Most recently, the US sub-group employed a workforce of more than 900 staff. It is run by CEO John Slawson. The locations produce firefighting vehicles and components according to US standards, including PANTHER ARFF vehicles, municipal vehicles and aerial ladders. They are predominantly delivered within the NOMA sales region, but also to customers in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa), NISA (Northern Europe, Iberia, South America and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) areas.

During the negotiations, it was noticed that the minority shareholder has a right to sell and that the interests in Rosenbauer America LLC should have been reported as a liability in the IFRS consolidated financial statements in previous years. This necessitates an adjustment of the comparative figures of the financial statement 2021, which leads to a reduction of equity by around € 60 million in the comparative period 2020 as well as a reduction of the equity ratio by approximately 6 %. This reclassification has no effect on the Group's results of operations and liquidity position.

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