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Heidelberg (pta029/05.05.2021/13:20 UTC+2) Highlights:

* Feasibility study for production plant for unique nano-coating for lithium-ion battery materials in Schwarze Pump is progressing as planned
* The rental agreement for the R&D center at the planned location has been secured and potential suppliers for the delivery of raw materials have been identified
* Potential suppliers for electrical infrastructure, piping and construction have been chosen
* The proposed plant is designed for the use of sustainable energies

Altech Advanced Materials AG (Altech / the company) (FRA: AMA1), has a 25% stake in Altech Industries Germany ("AIG"); the other shareholder is Altech Chemicals Limited, Australia ("ATC"). AAM is pleased to announce that important further milestones in the current pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the construction of a coating plant for battery materials with high-purity alumina in Saxony, Germany, have been achieved. AIG is planning to build a battery materials coating plant for nano-coatings with Altech's high-purity alumina of battery anodes in Schwarze Pump in Saxony. Due to the considerable increase in performance and the extension of the battery life by approx. 20 percent, this technology has the potential to be a game changer in the industry.

The PFS work is proceeding as planned and so far has included:

* A due diligence review of the existing environmental and site conditions of the requirements for the approval of the facility and the applicable environmental regulations set out by our local expert advisors meet the expectations of the company. Altech does not expect any hurdles in the upcoming approval process.

* Potential suppliers for supplying the site with the required raw materials were identified and the prices for these and other important operating costs of the plant were defined.

* No serious unplanned expenses were identified on the side of the expected personnel, recruitment costs and operating expenses. Likewise, all the necessary upstream steps to initiate the bid process for the construction of the plant, such as the determination of the prices for the various trades and delivery times, were completed. So far we have not been able to identify any show stoppers in the ongoing feasibility study.

* Altech expects the study to be completed in a timely manner in order to begin implementation

* In order to be able to carry out the process of the pre-feasibility study in a controlled manner and not to jeopardize the subsequent planning and implementation process, Altech has extended the existing purchase option for the approx. 14 hectare property in Schwarze Pumpe until June 2022.

Battery materials coating

The battery material coating process consists of four stages. Stage 1 is an HPA pre-product production step using an alternative alumina raw material. For the PFS, it is assumed that the HPA precursor raw materials will ultimately be delivered from Altech's HPA facility in Johor, Malaysia, once it is operational. In order to enable an immediate start of the coating plant in Saxony, we have developed an alternative pre-product supply that enables a fast track development time frame that is independent of Johor.

Stage 2 of the process is receiving the anode battery material (graphite or silicon) in bulk bags or barrels. The next step is the HPA nano-coating process that takes place in the coating section of the facility - this is the proprietary technology that Altech has developed. The final step in the process is the completion of the coated material, which is then packaged in either bulk bags or drums for shipment to end users.

The design of the planned coating plant at the proposed location, the Schwarze Pump industrial park in Saxony, is designed in such a way that it would enable the construction of additional material coating capacities in the future, e.g. a silicon coating system and / or additional graphite coating capacities. The design is designed so that we aim for a fully certified green production facility. It is planned that after the completion of the PFS, the project will be accredited as a green project by the Center of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO), Norway.

Establishment of an R&D center in the Schwarze Pump industrial park

In parallel to the ongoing pre-feasibility study, AIG has secured a 3-year lease for an office and research and development dock (area) in the Schwarze Pump industrial park. The office and R&D area is located next to the approximately 14 hectare site in Schwarze Pump, on which Altech is planning the construction of the production plant for nano-anode coatings in lithium-ion batteries. The office and R&D center provides space for feasibility and engineering work to be carried out. In addition, all future potential pilot or demonstration systems for coating battery materials could be housed in the building next to the office until the actual production facility is completed. The current planning of our research and development center gives us the greatest possible flexibility, to involve customers and our development partners such as SGL Carbon and Ferrosolar and to present the first results of our work. The simultaneous proximity to our planned future production site is a great advantage for the further process towards the targeted mass production of our coating material for high-performance battery anodes.

Iggy Tan, managing director of ATC and board member of AAM, said the pre-feasibility study is progressing well and is meeting all expectations. "We are extremely satisfied with the location of the Schwarze Pumpe industrial park and the extensive support it has received from the Spreetal community."

The board of directors

About Altech Advanced Materials AG

The listed Altech Advanced Materials AG (ISIN: DE000A2LQUJ6) ("AAM") from Heidelberg holds a stake in Altech Industries Germany, which plans the first production site for nano-coatings of graphite and / or silicon particles in Germany in Saxony. The normal power loss of around 8 percent when charging a lithium-ion battery for the first time can be avoided by using nano-coatings with highly pure alumina. In addition, the service life can be extended by up to 20 percent and the fast charging behaviour can be improved by the alumina coatings. The final product tests for the patented technology are in the final stage of implementation. AAM is also involved in the international production activities of Altech Chemicals Ltd, Australia, which opens up additional opportunities in the growing alumina sector. The companies, collectively called the Altech Group, are technology leaders for the optimization of batteries in electro mobility. More information at:


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