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TCU AG: Project "Darknet to Clearnet", TCU can hide any server without additional software like TOR-browser

Technology break through, (anonymous filesharing) is close to release

Koblenz (pta023/02.07.2019/22:49 UTC+2) Our -Server can now operate as a hidden service, unstoppable like a server in the darknet. With our new technology one can hide any other server too, which means "TCU brings the Darknet into Clearnet". Our technology needs no special software like a TOR-browser, no add-On or extension is required. It is based on an adhoc peer to peer network (see pic 1) where user act as rerouting server in order to obfuscate both IP-adresses, from sender and receiver, from client and server. This means, client adress is invisible for any server and the IP adress of any server is invisible to any client. Of course any communication is encrypted, but even no metadata is available for 3rd Party like NSA, ISP, RIA, MPAA or whoever. Nobody even knows, which server was used.


With this last piece in our technology stack, the system itself would be government SAFE as far as we know. Up-/Downloader and Hoster/Reseller are SAFE since 2018. TCU is now after 2 years of development very close to launch which is still in stealth-mode.

Participation in project revenues (30% of each payed download) is 80% for owner of investment coin and 20% for TCU. The development of the blockchain-technology for a public database is still in progress but is not necessary anymore for the development goal of a "wikileaks for all".


Emitter: TCU AG
Im Kimmelberg 2-4
56072 Koblenz
Contact Person: Petra Bauersachs
Phone: +49 172 6584139
ISIN(s): DE0007454209 (Share)
Stock Exchange(s): Regulated Market in Frankfurt; Free Market in Stuttgart