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Fritz Nols AG: Successful start of the Aeternum Coin ICO

Frankfurt am Main (pta014/03.01.2018/19:55) - As already announced at the end of December, Fritz Nols AG has started the strategic business area "crypto currencies". The exclusive distribution rights for the initial placement for the cryptocurrency of the new generation, the Aeternum Coin for the German-speaking region, began successfully on January 1, 2018.
The information memorandum, the so-called white paper, on the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was already published on the first january.2018 on the website Initial subscription orders have already been registered. For more information, visit The sponsor ID is hen992kle .

The first issue volume will be 100 million tokens. Already in the pre-sales phase, which ended on 31.12.2017, so far, Aeternum Coins in the equivalent of over 1 million tokens at 0.75 USD per Coin have been placed. The Aeternum Coin is voluntarily undertaking a review by the ETH Zurich. The security standards of the blockchain and the smart contracts are approved and confirmed by the prime standard. The Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich, on par with MIT in the US, is one of the leading institutes in this field and one of Einstein's academic home.
Unlike Bitcoin, the Aeternum Coin is backed by assets. The risk due to these stored values is reduced. The volatility is correspondingly lower. Numerous standard cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ripple, meanwhile, have achieved market valuations in excess of USD 1 billion and are therefore vulnerable to significant price drops due to exorbitant price increases.
The Aeternum Coin is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2018, on a leading crypto exchange following the initial coin offer. This makes Aeternum Coin tradable for all market participants in the crypto currency area.
A part of the proceeds from the issue of Aeternum Coins is managed by Fritz Nols AG in high-frequency trading and with trading systems in a subsidiary. The other part is invested in so-called rigs (high performance computers). The team of Fritz Nols AG brings years of experience in the field of hardware and software optimization. In recent months, with the mining of crypto currencies, such as Ethereum, Monero and Zcash, a net yield of 85.81% p.a. without special effects.
In addition, Fritz Nols has a mandatory option to acquire 30% of the shares of the initiator of the Aeternum coin within the next 12 months.
The Fritz Nols AG promises itself by the strategic reorientation on the Crypto currency area a revaluation. The existing know-how in the field of high-frequency trading, complex online calculations and trading systems can also be used for the optimization of blockchain technologies or in the area of crypto mining.
To expand its activities, it is also intended that a cash capital increase in the amount of 0.2 to 0.5 million euros will be carried out in the coming week. Corresponding letters of intent from investors are available. The exact conditions will be announced shortly.

Founded in 1975, Fritz Nols AG was a traditional German floor brokerage company now specializing in capital market advice by listing SMEs, M&A and issuance of corporate bonds from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). A 100% subsidiary asset manager manages investment funds in Singapore and Cayman Islands, specialized in the investment strategy Distressed & Special Situations (companies in difficult phases mainly in the financial services sector) and the HFT related investment strategy Systematic Quantitative CTA (news-related quantitative systems).


This document contains forward-looking statements on overall economic development as well as the business, earnings, financial and asset situation of Fritz Nols AG. These statements are based on current plans, estimates, forecasts and expectations of the company and are thus subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual much expected from the development differs. The forward-looking statements to have the time of publication validity. The Fritz Nols AG does not intend to update the forward-looking statements and assumes no obligation. Furthermore, no guarantee for the future business development can be adopted. Maybe the records enter developments that lead to various projects as planned can not be realized or investments turn out to be a non-sense. The Fritz Nols AG assumes no liability. (end)

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