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pte20030225022 Technologie/Digitalisierung

Virus warning: LoveGate.C

Worm sets up backdoors on PCs

London (pte022/25.02.2003/11:22) - Computer security firms have issued a warning about a new computer worm spreading through the web. The virus is called is called LoveGate.C and proliferates with the help of its own SMTP engine.

The worm copies .exe files into various drives, enabling it to spread through common network resources. By its own report, MessageLabs security service says it has caught about 4,000 copies of the virus in 23 countries. http://www.messagelabs.com/viruseye/report.asp?id=131

To jump from one system to another, the worm tries to reply to all e-mails in the user's inbox. It can infiltrate all systems running on Microsoft Windows 9x, NT, 2000 or XP. The file itself takes up 78,848 bytes. The name of the attachment containing the virus is generated from a predefined list and is always an .exe file.

LoveGate.C also sets up a backdoor on port 10168, which can give hackers access to the user's system. Once the virus has installed itself on a PC it sends an e-mail to its creator.

Further information on LoveGate.C can be found at Symantec http://www.symantec.com , Sophos http://www.sophos.com or McAfee http://www.mcafee.com .

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