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Spring is the best time for Liposuction

Vienna (pts006/23.01.2007/08:00) - Around Xmas calorie-rich food and lack of exercise leave their mark on hips, thighs and bellies. For many Liposuction seems a proper way to get rid of this extra padding. "It is indeed a good idea to undergo Liposuction after gaining some extra weight", says DDr. Heinrich, cosmetic surgeon and internationally renowned expert in Liposuction. This is for a simple reason: After weight gain fatty cells are so stuffed with fat, they rupture easily during liposuction. This is very helpful for the liposuction-surgeon! By far the best method available today is using manually operated syringes with small diameter cannulas (microcannulas) .

That makes spring the best time for Liposuction. And most cosmetic surgeons have made the experience that more patients choose to undergo Liposuction during the first half of the year, which is also due to the desire to look better in a swimsuit when summer arrives.

Many experts in Liposuction have developed their own methods to provide for best results. DDr. Heinrich uses his own patented microcannulas for Liposuction. In combination with the manually operated syringes these guarantee for more precise and tissue sparing operations, compared to standard (machine assisted) Liposuction. This technique also reduces haematomas, pain and the need for aftercare. Compression has to be used for a few days only - not for 4-8 weeks as in standard Liposuction.

If the patient's problem is not only localised padding but obesity, this should be addressed in the form of a medically assisted weight loss programme after Liposuction. In many cases the first step will be the correction of hormonal imbalance, providing fast and lasting results without yoyo-effect.

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