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SUEK Group Compliant with International Asset Management Standard ISO 55001

World's leading energy company meets demanding audit requirements

Vienna/Moscow (pts005/13.11.2020/08:00) ISO 55001 reviews the life cycle of core assets essential for operational and financial success. The advanced standard defines the process elements critical to effective and efficient asset maintenance and utilisation. The demanding requirements for successful ISO 55001 certification single out only a a few companies to have implemented ISO 55001 that now include the world's leading energy company, SUEK Group.

"We are genuinely delighted", exclaims Dmitry Yartsev, general manager of TÜV AUSTRIA Standards & Compliance, upon awarding Denis Bezzubov, head of SUEK asset management, the prestigious ISO 55001 certificate: "Meeting the strict ISO 55001 audit procedures and those of TÜV AUSTRIA on top is as rare as it is well earned by SUEK management", Yartsev emphasises.

ISO 55001 is a world class management system to drive business transformation against the background of long-term investment programs. TÜV AUSTRIA Standards & Compliance, a 100% subsidiary of the independent TÜV AUSTRIA Group, may be a key driver of Russian businesses, notes Andreas Dvorak, general manager of TÜV AUSTRIA Cert, the certification body issuing SUEK's ISO 55001 certificate, but Dvorak explains that audit procedures are always mutually beneficial, concluding: "Seeing a systematic approach as well-aligned and executed with great discipline, yields its own rewards".

The ISO 55001 certification by TÜV AUSTRIA Standard & Compliance gives SUEK Group a sense of purpose, SUEK asset manager Denis Bezzubov reflects, weighing on the great responsibilities of coordinating and performing all asset-related activities in time: "We are glad to cooperate with the independent TÜV AUSTRIA auditors in calibrating our vision, policy and objectives in alignment with our existing KPIs, controls and improvements". SUEK Group can now move ahead with confidence, its best asset management practices assured by their TÜV AUSTRIA ISO 55001 certificate.

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