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Record offer: 100 million euros for first groundbreak

IAT ACCESS TEAM NRW tenders investment deal

Kamen (pts020/23.11.2007/12:34) An enticing deal: A patent owner from the IAT Innovative Access Team NRW is investing 100 million euros in the first project that will tackle the construction of the "two-tiered magnetic monorail" in the next two years - regardless of the country. Inspiring the huge investment is the logical and efficient development of the well-known Transrapid system: with the two-tiered, single-beam monorail running with integrated implementation and locking solutions, personal and also freight vehicle traffic can be deployed, unhindered in two directions, using a revolutionary two-tiered, upper/lower carriageway system.

Foreseeable results of the new traffic technology

An immense economic benefit for trade and businesses, a solution to environmental problems using integrated solar-wind energy and the revolution of the transport system through a new mode of transport logic. Logistical bottlenecks, accidents or high energy costs will be a thing of the past thanks to the "two-tiered monorail" IAT ACCESS TEAM NRW.

Climate protection through huge proprietary investment,
also through partners of the transport and logistics industry

The under-going worldwide debate shows that traffic systems of the future will have to operate in accordance with nature conservation. The maglev monorail today may represent a progressive solution for personal and goods transport, yet there are still some deficiencies in the clear implementation of its goals. The two-tiered maglev high-speed system IAT ACCESS TEAM NRW offers optimal solutions on both theoretical and practical levels. The concept is sophisticated and patented; the project can be unproblematically and quickly realized throughout the with investment partners from politics and economy. The new mode of transport offers an unimaginable potential on the market, and will relieve ever-waning natural resources - a contribution of German engineering to the current controversial climate protection and energy debate. Now this contribution must be physically implemented, directly, effectively and sustainably.

In order to achieve this, the initiators themselves have laid the first corner stone for the future of the this worldwide new transportation facility: A member of the IAT development team is prepared to put up its own capital to the sum of 100 million euros in order to finally get the project started.

The amount of this private investment is unique worldwide in this sector.

The record-breaking amount is supposed to make this economic and ecological trend-setting challenge possible: the installation of a novel transport system that saves the environment, creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, and boosts global economic growth.

Today's investment for tomorrow's future

The "two-tiered monorail" is giving a unique, positive signal the world over for the development of future-oriented and new industrial branches.

Fact, goals and advantages of the "two-tiered monorail"

The well-known Transrapid system was the fundamental innovation for railway technology. Electronically controlled levitation magnets allow the railway to be suspended - without wheels, axles or overhead trolley lines. The contactless, electro-magnetic system facilitates speeds that go beyond 300 km/h - with maximum travel comfort. The "two-tiered monorail", however, has huge advantages compared to the conventional Transrapid system:
- Containment of global temperature rising, verifiable CO2 reduction
- Minimisation of sound emission: only at higher speeds is some wind noise audible, which still lies beneath conventional carriers. There is no engine or friction noise.
- Improved safety via automatically-run system-security vehicles that travel ahead of every personal monorail, are connected to the control mechanisms, and shut the system down in case of failure.
- Furthermore, trucks can carry containers with considerable dimensions, thus reducing freight-traffic, and traffic congestion costs can be dispensed with.
- The system will play a role in improving general environmental conditions.
- Very low energy costs due to the implementation of alternative energy solutions, utilisation of kinematics.
- Substantial economic advantages through reduction of investments.
- Carriageways eliminate collisions.
- Unproblematic switching of wagons without additional lines.

Additionally, through the implementation of the magnetic monorail IAT, previous investments in structural and operating costs will be markedly reduced through:
- Use of a beam in a two-tiered upper/lower carriageway system instead of the previous one-tiered system
- Foregoing expensive tunnel and junction solutions
- Minimisation of running and servicing costs through the erosion-free system function
- Flexibility of company organisation through the implementation of carriers depending on demand
- Integration of freight and goods transport
- Substantial relieving of freeways, benefiting passenger car traffic

A film presentation and further information on the maglev monorail system IAT can be found on .

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