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MindMatics creates Mobile Intranet for pharmaceutical manufacturer Novo Nordisk

Mobile Intranet Portal provides staff with worldwide access to business data

Munich/Zurich/Copenhagen (pts015/09.10.2008/10:27) - MindMatics AG in Munich has created a Mobile Internet Portal with connections to SAP and SharePoint in just six months for one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, the Zurich based Novo Nordisk. All staff members at Novo Nordisk can now access company information, hosted in the MindMatics data centre, quickly and securely through various mobile phones and smart phones.

The company's staff needs to be able to access data quickly and at any time from around the world. To support sales and to increase the availability of information for its staff, Novo Nordisk introduced the new Mobile Internet.

"The service integration for the introduction and operation of the innovative and user-friendly information system has proven to be highly efficient thanks to MindMatics' flexible mobile platform and the excellent project teamwork," said Peter Geissler, IT Consultant at Novo Nordisk Region International Operations. "In just six months, we have created a secure and user-friendly mobile data access facility for our staff as part of our Enterprise Resource Planning Project."

The Mobile Intranet is based on MindMatics' Mobile Portal Suite, with the information and services automatically optimised for displaying information for up to 3000 different mobile and Blackberry models. The individual access rights for the members of staff will be allocated through single sign-on with integrated rights management, so that the scalable system can be used throughout the company at each level of management. Staff members can access information from SAP, SharePoint and other content sources with their mobile phone or Blackberry. Similar to a personalised Google site, the "My Favourite Functions" option enables staff members to manage a link list to other mobile services. MindMatics operates and monitors the Intranet for Novo Nordisk as an ASP solution and has enabled real-time online reporting.

"Following our project success in the heath care sector, we have created a Mobile Intranet for Novo Nordisk for the first time in the pharmaceutical industry," said Thomas Berger, Head of Mobile Internet at MindMatics. With reference to the current market trend, Berger added: "This shows that mobile portals can be used efficiently to support in-house communication in a B-to-B environment."

About MindMatics:

MindMatics is one of Europe's leading providers for the development and implementation of mobile services. As a full service provider, MindMatics is active in three areas: mobile messaging and payment, mobile Internet and mobile marketing. More than 500 businesses throughout Europe have realised their mobile services with MindMatics. Customers include Unilever, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, ProSieben, and Vodafone. MindMatics was founded in March 2000 and employs over 130 staff at its offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, London and Los Angeles.

About Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a Danish based, internationally operating pharmaceutical company, employing around 23,600 people from 79 countries. 450 people are currently employed at the German headquarters in Mainz. Novo Nordisk is a pioneer in the production of insulin and today is the international leader in diabetes health care. As a result, Novo Nordisk is famous for its extensive product portfolio for insulin and for the most modern insulin injection systems. In addition, the company occupies a leading position in the fields of blood coagulation (haemostasis), growth hormones and hormone replacement therapy. Novo Nordisk produces and distributes its pharmaceutical products and services in 179 countries, and is listed in the Copenhagen, London and New York stock exchanges.

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