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Lufthansa offers mobile boarding card on nearly 400 routes

Check in offer via mobile phone expanded in Europe


Munich/Cologne/Frankfurt (pts023/18.09.2008/13:38) Due to the high number of uses, Lufthansa has brought forward the expansion of the mobile boarding card offer to cover nearly 400 routes. The extension of the "Mobile Boarding Card" is being announced by the innovative project's partners, Deutsche Lufthansa AG and MindMatics AG. The customer interest and actually around 7.000 users a week of the check in service, which was introduced in April 2008, still continues to exceed the already high expectations.

As a result, Lufthansa has moved forward the date of the third planned phase of the project - the international use of the mobile boarding card - and recently started to operate the system for all European routes departing from Germany, as well as for flights from Amsterdam and Vienna to Germany. At the same time, Lufthansa and its project partner MindMatics are planning numerous developments to the mobile portal. The latest development allows immediate mobile check in using the booking reference.

"As an airline we want to be able to offer our frequent flyers and business customers optimal and efficient services using mobile technology," said Günter Friedrich, Head of IT Management, Marketing and End Customer Processes at Lufthansa.

With the new service, Lufthansa customers can carry out the complete check in process including seat choice and boarding card collection via their mobile phone on a large number of routes. There is no need to wait at the check in desk and many services are also available though the online check in.

"Along with Lufthansa, we are pleased with the present success regarding the technology, security and quality of the mobile boarding card and mobile portal, which are two challenging projects," said Felix Heimbrecht, Vice President of Mobile Internet Services at MindMatics. "The successful application in this challenging B2C area shows that the mobile phone can now also be used in an industry with particularly high security and service level for the efficient and secure use of business processes."

The Lufthansa Mobile Boarding Card:
The mobile boarding card's technology is based on a 2D barcode, which is delivered to customers by e-mail or through an SMS link to their mobile phone. The code gives direct access to the boarding gate and contains all relevant information, which can be read directly from the mobile phone screen with a scanner at boarding. A printed boarding card is no longer necessary and there is no more waiting at the check in desk or at ticket machines. The portal can be found at and also offers the opportunity to test the check in and mobile boarding card on your own mobile phone. The portal won the "Made for Mobile Award 2008".

About MindMatics:
MindMatics is one of Europe's leading providers for the development and implementation of mobile services. As a full service provider, MindMatics is active in three areas: mobile messaging and payment, mobile Internet and mobile marketing. More than 500 businesses throughout Europe have realised their mobile services with MindMatics. Customers include Unilever, T-Mobile, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, ProSieben, Vodafone. MindMatics was founded in March 2000 and employs over 130 staff at its offices in Munich, Cologne, Vienna, London and Los Angeles.

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