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MediNavi AG: MediNavi AG makes significant acquisition

Strengthening of position within the European medical cannabis and nutraceutical markets

Frankfurt am Main (pta012/28.09.2022/10:30 UTC+2)

28.09.2022 - MediNavi AG acquires 100% of the Danish based company, Nordic Swan Pharma Group ApS, to be paid in full through the issue of 1,268.000 new shares and a convertible note to the sum of EUR 1.8 million to be converted into 1,080.000 new shares.

Nordic Swan Pharma ApS whose vision it is to improve the quality of patient life has been investing in the medical cannabis market throughout Europe for an extended period of time and has also been researching, developing, and manufacturing several products with cannabinoids in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, skincare, and food supplements. Products are currently sold in six European countries and are expected to cover most of Europe by the end of 2022.

Nordic Swan Pharma will be the main asset in developing MediNavi AG into a major contender within the European industry for medical cannabis and nutraceuticals.

The European market is becoming more liberal and the medical use of cannabis has already been legalised in the UK, Denmark, and Germany. In 2019, the European market for medicinal cannabis was valued at EUR 230-250 million, with Germany unquestionably being the largest market with annual sales estimated to be at least EUR 170 million.

Germany is also expected to become the largest adult-use cannabis market in the world by 2024. Measured by population, Germany will be the largest country in the world to legalise cannabis – but not the first. Canada began the legalisation process in 2018, and 18 of the 50 United States, as well as Uruguay, have already legalised the sale and use of cannabis for recreational purposes.

Germany will become the second country in Europe to legalise the recreational use of cannabis. In December 2021, Malta became the first EU country to legalise the cultivation and personal use of cannabis.

The German legalisation process is expected to commence in the new year, and a revaluation of the view of cannabis in general seems to be ongoing in several places around the world.

CEO of MediNavi; Anna Wohlthat clarifies: »The acquisition of the of Nordic Swan Pharma is a milestone in the development of MediNavi AG. We're confident that the welcoming of Nordic Swan Pharma to MediNavi will further the Company's aim to establish a strong position in the rapidly growing European cannabinoid market«.

CEO of Nordic Swan Pharma Group; Stefan Munksgaard Berg continues: »I second the sentiment that combining the ingenuity and tireless commitment of MediNavi with Nordic Swan Pharma's skills in product development, production, and distribution makes perfect sense and is yet another step in the right direction to availing ourselves of the opportunities that the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use affords«.


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About MediNavi AG

MediNavi AG is a holding company based in Frankfurt, Germany. Our vision is to become the central navigator for medical services and to transcend the borders of Germany.

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About Nordic Swan Pharma Group ApS

Nordic Swan Pharma Group is a pharmaceutical company specialized in medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids. Nordic Swan Pharma Group are investing in the Medical Cannabis Industry across Europe with a dedication and vision to improve individual's quality of life. We are specialized in the development and manufacturing of medical devices, nutraceuticals and skincare containing cannabinoids and other powerful ingredients.


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