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POLYTEC HOLDING AG: Green financing of a highly automated machine park at the Ebensee location in Austria

POLYTEC Plant Ebensee Austria

POLYTEC Plant Ebensee Austria

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Hörsching/Ebensee (pta019/21.12.2021/10:45 UTC+1)


+ First green financing within the POLYTC GROUP

+ Financing of state-of-the-art injection moulding machines at the Ebensee plant in Austria

+ Financing volume: EUR 13 million


In order to finance a state-of-the-art machine park and a plastics recycling facility at its Ebensee location, the POLYTEC GROUP has concluded its first green financing. The financial volume involved amounts to EUR 13 million.

The ecological aspect is at the forefront of the investment in additional, automated injection moulding machines for the production of reusable boxes for European food logistics. By means of replacement and the acquisition of new hybrid injection moulding machines, which run entirely on green electricity, as compared to the existing equipment, an energy saving of around 45 per cent will result. Accordingly, this project demonstrates that ecological and economic requirements can be combined to perfection.

In addition, a recycling equipment is being built in which used logistics boxes will be granulated and the regrind fed back into the production process. As a result, raw material savings of more than ten per cent will be achieved.

Owing to compliance with a range of sustainability criteria, the described investments at the Ebensee location qualified for green financing. This is being refinanced via Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) by means of a 40 per cent federal guarantee from the Republic of Austria. Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG was obtained as a financing partner.

The production of plastic parts for the automotive industry and boxes for food logistics at the Ebensee plant has been CO2-neutral for several years. In conjunction with green financing, with the new investments the POLYTEC GROUP is setting a sustainable example for environment-friendly production.

Sustainability as an integral part of the POLYTEC GROUP’s corporate strategy is reflected in a specially created department attached to the Board of Directors, which pools the group-wide implementation of ESG measures.



The POLYTEC GROUP is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality plastic solutions.

For over 35 years, the Upper Austria-based company with some 3,600 employees worldwide, has been offering its customers experience and know-how, not only as a complete supplier in the injection moulding field, but also as a specialist for fibre-reinforced plastics, and a producer of original accessories.

POLYTEC numbers globally renowned automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers among its customers, but is also increasingly supplying other markets outside this sector. The most important criteria in both cases consist of innovative technologies, perfect quality and absolute punctuality of delivery in combination with competitive prices. In both the automotive and non-automotive areas, POLYTEC provides excellent value-added depth in every segment. This incorporates design and project development, as well as the production of tools and semis for fibre compound materials, component simulation and testing, and virtually all the available plastics processing technologies. In addition, POLYTEC supplies excellent performance in the shape of downstream processes such as painting, assembly and just-in-time or just-in-sequence delivery.



The Ebensee location, which is situated at the southern tip of Lake Traunsee in Austria’s Salzkammergut region, offers employment to a workforce of around 170. In Ebensee, POLYTEC uses injection moulding to produce transport boxes for food logistics and exterior parts for cars and commercial vehicles. Moreover, within the POLYTEC GROUP, Ebensee acts as a lead plant for sustainability and digitalisation. The Ebensee location is almost CO2-neutral, which is a status made possible by efficient production machinery and a corresponding operational infrastructure that includes process cooling and a compressed air supply. Heating is also environment-friendly as it utilises wood chips in a biomass heating plant located directly on the company premises. Since 2020, POLYTEC has been producing around 200 injection-moulded components for the new truck model series of a renowned commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Photo: Automated production lines at the POLYTEC plant in Ebensee, Austria. Copyright: "POLYTEC GROUP"


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