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maincubes opening to the European market

Frankfurt (pts036/27.04.2016/15:00) Data center operator maincubes will be growing its market presence in the near future, opening additional data centers throughout Europe. The company intends to both design and build its own data centers and take over existing data centers upon successful completion of diligence. The goal is to expand the company portfolio in the near future by adding numerous European sites and providing customers in all countries co-location data center services of a quality previously unavailable to them. These include services which go well beyond the scope of traditional services offered by co-location data center operators. maincubes premium services include very fast response time, individual contract bundles and technical services like DCIM, which combine technical components of data center operation and the customer's IT for enhanced resource utilisation.

Preliminary talks are already underway for the acquisition of existing data centers in the Netherlands and the UK.

About maincubes one
maincubes one GmbH is a German data center company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. maincubes represents a new generation of data center operation characterised by substantially greater performance and cost-effectiveness than has been commonly available. maincubes reduces space and operating costs at the same time as providing a higher level of operational reliability, legal certainty and technical security. maincubes also guarantees maximum energy efficiency through a pioneering room design in combination with innovative technology. In addition to cost-effectiveness, security and efficiency, maincubes also ensures sustainable and ecologically compatible operation through a new, cutting-edge design.

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