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Healthy Eating and Easy Living with the "Diako Easyfit Nutritional Program"

Diako Easyfit successful everywhere in Europe

Hamburg (pts028/05.06.2009/17:00) - Diako Easyfit has developed a "Nutrition Program" aimed to people, looking for an easy and healthy way, to loose weight.

The company has proven for roundabout 25 years, that it provides a long term and effective "Nutrition-program", which just expands it's market over Germany, Austria, Italy and Denmark.

The Diako time-table sounds:

- H e a l t h y and sensible nutrition,
- No complicated diets, but up to 2 kilograms loss of weight every week,
- H o m e d e l i v e r y within two working days,
- At hand: You may consult a d i e t i c i a n ,
- R e a d y m a d e meals with fresh products,
- Reduces cholesterol and sugar levels.
- A great success in Germany, Austria and Italy for more than 25 years.

The break through in convenience-nutrition, and the main advantage of the Diako-Nutrition-Programe in detail, is formulated by Diako Easyfit:

"One week of full service - all inclusive. Everything you need during the 6 days, will be delivered to your home ready made; breakfast, snacks, lunch (hot or cold) and supper. It couldn't be simpler. Convenience at it's best. Spread out over the day, you will take in a maximum total of 1100 calories. You no longer need to c o u n t c a l o r i e s or follow complex recipes. You don't even have to visit any supermarkets, in order to do the time-vasting office of shopping. Instead You may spend time on Your hobbys, for instance do some sports, read a book...".

All the meals (of european-style cooking) have been prepared with high quality products. They are prepared by sophisticated professional cooks in special experienced kitchens. Detailed definition of ingredients and percentages of vitamins, fat etc. do guarantee the consistent quality of Diako- dishes. The whole of the 6 weekly programs do meet all scientific nutritional requirements Europe is used to and contains, deep- and shock-frozen, fresh products without the addition of flavour enhancers or preservatives.

The "Diako Easyfit Nutritional Program" is designed for anyone who wishes or needs to watch his or her diet for health reasons. This Nutritional Program is suitable for diabetics as well, people with heart and vascular diseases and increased cholesterol levels too. Each brand is provided with special reliable nutritional information.

By this, Diako's weekly menus offer a healthy and sensible diet for every day. And there are five different daily menus for those, who occasionally simply don't feel like cooking or don't have the time to do so. The customer may even meet fast and healthy weight-reduction, by using the healthy and sensible meals. And this works without cooking and without carrying around shopping bags.

In the BENELUX-States You may, from now on, find special service, and even more information, at:

Diako Easyfit
Arkansasdreef 30d
3565 AR Utrecht
T: 030-82 000 30
F: 030-82 000 39
E: info@diako-easyfit.nl
Web-Site: http://www.diako-easyfit.nl

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