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EMA Indutec as Finalist of Steel Innovation Award

New heat treatment machine shows innovation potential of steel applications

Berlin (ptp020/11.09.2018/10:55) - EMA Indutec GmbH participated in the Steel Innovation Award 2018 of the German "Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl". In the category "Steel in Research and Development", the EMA project "Machine for inductive fixture hardening and tempering" was chosen as one of the nine best of 561 submissions by the jury consisting of 20 business, science, design and architecture experts. https://www.ema-indutec.com/

According to the jury, the submitted project makes exemplary use of uses exemplary the high innovation potential and the great variety of applications of steel. The German "Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl" thanked EMA Indutec for their participation in the competition and expressed their appreciation.

Fixture hardening is a heat treatment process in which workpieces are surface-hardened and calibrated at the same time. This process is used especially in the automotive industry for the production of case case-hardened components with high reproducible dimensional accuracy such as geared workpieces. The aim is to obtain almost ready-to-install components without further post-processing. However, tensions due to pre-processes and temperature influences during the process chain, which usually consists of carburizing, hardening, washing and tempering, can lead to undesirable distortion. The result is increased post-processing effort and in extreme cases the uselessness of the component.

EMA Indutec has developed a new system that combines all heat-treatment processes apart from carburizing in one machine apart from carburizing. To reduce surface oxidation it can be equipped with a closed inert gas housing. The previously required washing of the components is eliminated since the quenching takes place with an aqueous polymer solution. Four independently controllable quenching circuits offer a maximum flexibility for quenching and allow initial workpiece shape corrections only through different start times of the showers.

The new system is one of the first stand-alone machines worldwide that heats workpieces by induction, hardens between fixtures, calibrates on a mandrel and reheats for de-shrinking for removing the workpieces smoothly from the mandrel without wear. The process thereby improves the dimensional accuracy of the components and offers many economic advantages to suppliers and vehicle manufacturers through direct integration into the production lines.

About EMA Indutec GmbH

EMA Indutec is an international manufacturer of induction heating systems and frequency converters as well as after-sales service provider based in Meckesheim, Germany. In 2000 the 150 employees company became part of the AICHELIN Group, one of the world's largest producers of heat treatment plants with production sites in Germany, the USA and China. http://www.ema-indutec.de

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