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Astrid Langer - Her artworks will enrich the SWISSARTEXPO with a lot of serenity and a little craziness

The artist and psychologist will delight the audience with her magnificent acrylic paintings

Zurich (ptp037/11.08.2020/14:00) The artist Astrid Langer announces today that her artworks will be exhibited digitally at the SWISSARTEXPO from 20 - 24 August 2020 at Zurich Main Station. Her newly published art catalogue will also be on display. The SWISSARTEXPO is an art festival where artists of all styles come together to create a diverse and colourful exhibition in one of the most visited halls in Europe in the heart of Zurich.

In her extraordinary creations, the Austrian artist Astrid Langer repeatedly addresses the theme of a symbolic motive of freedom and nature. A small bird, which makes its mischief inside people's heads, becomes a symbol of the feelings and thoughts of the human being in Langer's photo- and caricature-like series "Vogel im Kopf" (Bird in the Head). The talented artist continuously depicts the soul and mind, sometimes humorously and sometimes admonishingly. Born in 1978 in Klagenfurt, Austria, and raised as a lover of art, the small-town artist soon moved out into the far world. Through this she came into contact with the diversity of human existence and got to know many different personalities.

One of her most important qualities is her never lost sense of humour. Known for her quirky paintings, comics and caricatures, the artist is convinced that each of us is a little bit weird. She doesn't exclude herself from this, because she also considers herself part of the light-heartedness associated with it. Thus the often negatively afflicted statement "Du hast nen Vogel" (a phrase in German, in English: "You have a bird", meaning "You are crazy") gets a wonderfully poetic meaning.

How boring would it be if we weren't all a little bit crazy, which makes us individual and special? In her Klagenfurt studio, Astrid Langer has captured many colourful birds, transferred them into heads and captured them on canvas. The studied psychologist is certainly not lacking in exaggeration and irony in her paintings, and just like about her own life, Langer tells wonderful anecdotes and stories from the everyday madness of humanity in her works.

With her many experiences in countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar, the vibrant artist brings a healthy dose of serenity with her, which will also have a pleasant influence on visitors to this year's SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich through her artworks. In addition to the digitally presented paintings " Vogel im Kopf I", "Vogel im Kopf II" and "Vogel im Kopf III", her recently published art catalogue will also be available for viewing on site. This will give visitors an even deeper insight into the imaginative repertoire of Astrid Langer.

Further information about Astrid Langer and her creative work can be found at: http://www.astrid-langer.com

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