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Arthena Maxx will enchant visitors to this year's SWISSARTEXPO with her fantastic artworks

From 20 - 24 August 2020 in the SBB Event Hall at Zurich Main Station

Zurich (ptp030/07.08.2020/13:00) The Austrian artist Arthena Maxx announces today that seven artworks from her "DIPTYCHON" series will be digitally presented as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 2.0 at the SWISSARTEXPO in Zurich Main Station. The SWISSARTEXPO is an art festival where artists of all genres come together in a colourful exhibition in one of the most visited halls in Europe in the heart of Zurich.

After an internationally successful career in finance, Arthena Maxx, born in Bärnbach, Austria, dedicated herself entirely to realizing her dream of becoming a freelance artist. Under her pseudonym Arthena Maxx - "Arthena" stands for her artistic soul and "Maxx" for the maximum she is willing to invest in her passion - she soon found success with her extraordinary works, which she herself classifies as "fantastic realism".

Known among art experts as a "symphony of creativity", Arthena takes up the constant challenge of producing art and creates magical masterpieces using various techniques on canvas, fabric, clothing or in the form of sculptures. Arthena focuses on originality and creativity, whereby an excellent sense of colour and the true expression of emotions always play a significant role as well. A distinctive feature of her work is the recurring motif of the eye, which she incorporates into her works as an observer or as a symbol of the inner view.

Friends and collectors of Arthena Maxx' art can look forward to her initiative BÄRN-ART 2021, in which she will create an outdoor painting of 38.5 x 3.75 meters in her hometown Bärnbach.

At this year's SWISSARTEXPO, as part of the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zurich 2.0, Arthena Maxx will digitally present a symphony of seven works of art. The works that originated in the "DIPTYCHON" series are paintings that she has created using various techniques and materials. With dark to bright colours, the artist has created abstract to figurative motifs, with the human eye playing an important role in each. With expressionistically applied brushstrokes and carefully worked out details she created enchanting works of art, which invite the viewer to linger and marvel at their vivid nature.

Arthena Maxx hopes to touch the visitor's heart with her artistic dedication and is looking forward to a successful exhibition in the heart of the Swiss art metropolis of Zurich.

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