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Talenthouse AG: Financing commitments for the restructuring /Delisting decision of the Regulatory Board of SIX (not legally binding)

Baar (pta007/08.08.2023/07:00 UTC+2)

Financing commitments for the restructuring of Talenthouse AG / Delisting decision of the Regulatory Board of SIX Group AG (not legally binding)

Talenthouse AG ("Talenthouse" or "Company") has entered into a term sheet with investors. The term sheet provides for the provision of short-term liquidity in order to tackle the urgently required restructuring measures. First contributions have been firmly committed by the investors and are expected to be transferred to the Company within the next days.

The planned restructuring measures include, among others, the conversion of debt into equity in order to strengthen the balance sheet, the completion and audit of the financial statements for the past financial year in order to maintain the listing, and a request for a provisional moratorium in order to find a solution with the remaining creditors and to avoid bankruptcy proceedings.

Moreover, the Company was served with a decision of the Regulatory Board of SIX Group AG ("Regulatory Board"). The Regulatory Board has decided to delist the registered shares of Talenthouse AG listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange AG. The decision is not legally binding and can be appealed before the Appeals Board within 20 trading days. Talenthouse AG plans to appeal the decision and to reverse it, amongst others considering the planned restructuring measures.

Talenthouse AG asks all shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders to support the planned restructuring measures. Without such support the threat of bankruptcy is imminent, which would in the view of the Company be the worst-case scenario for all parties.

About Talenthouse AG

Talenthouse AG is a technology platform and services company that brings brands and a global network of creatives together to make innovative content that engages, inspires, and drives action. Talenthouse is leading a structural shift in the way that creative content is produced, employing a platform business model to source content at the scale and quality required to keep pace with consumer demand in the digital age. In doing so, it also opens up opportunities for a much larger pool of creative talent. While most industries are in recession, the global creator economy, a $2.8 trillion market, is still growing.

TalentPlus is Talenthouse AG's financial services vertical, providing creators with financial services solutions to support their creative endeavours. The company is registered in Switzerland and operationally headquartered in London. For more information visit:

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