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Heidelberg (pta030/25.11.2021/12:05) - Highlights:

* Finally cracked the silicon code
* Breakthrough with 30% higher energy capacity lithium-ion batteries
* Game changing alumina coating technology
* Successfully incorporates silicon into the graphite anodes
* Resolves silicon fracturing and first cycle loss
* Good stability and cycling performance
* Phase 2 of R&D work will strive beyond the 30% energy increase

Altech Advanced Materials AG (AAM / the Company) (FRA: AMA1), is pleased to announce that its partner Altech Chemicals Limited ("Altech" or "ATC") has finally cracked the silicon code and produced lithium-ion batteries with 30% higher energy capacity, which is to be used in the joint venture in Altech Industries Germany GmbH ("AIG"), owned 75% by ATC and 25% by AAM, where it is planned to build a battery materials coating plant. Altech has utilised its game changing alumina coating technology that successfully incorporates silicon into the graphite anode of lithium-ion batteries. The result is a 30% higher energy battery with improved stability, cyclability and battery life.

The lithium-ion battery industry has recognised that the required step change to increase lithium-ion battery energy density and reduced costs is more silicon in battery anodes. For this to be achieved, high energy capacity silicon needs to be introduced into anode chemistry, as silicon has ten times the energy capacity compared to graphite. Metallurgical silicon is the most promising anode material for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. However, metallurgical silicon is unable to be used in commercial lithium-ion batteries today due to two major technological barriers. Silicon expands up to 300% in volume during battery operation causing swelling, fracturing and battery failure. The second challenge is that silicon deactivates up to 50% of the lithium ions in a battery. Called first-cycle-loss, lithium ions are rendered in-active by the silicon, immediately reducing battery performance and life. The industry has been in the race to crack the silicon code.

Altech's game changing technology delivers alumina coated silicon particles which resolves both the swelling and first-cycle-loss capacity problems. After many months of extensive research, development and trials at Altech's laboratory in Perth, Western Australia, the R&D team headed by Dr Jingyuan Liu has finally cracked the silicon technological problems. Half-cell battery tests of alumina coated silicon incorporated in graphite anode have demonstrated a 30% increase in battery capacity compared to a normal lithium-ion battery.

The Altech lithium-ion batteries average around 430 mAh/g (compared to a normal lithium-ion battery at around 330 mAh/g) and show extremely good stability as evident from the cycling performance of the battery over long cycle periods (over 150 cycles).

Managing director, Iggy Tan said that "this major announcement is a significant breakthrough for Altech, especially in the context of a recent public statement of US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, that its aim is to increase the amount of silicon in its batteries to achieve step-change improvements in energy density and battery life. A 30% higher energy capacity lithium-ion battery will mean significant cost benefits to the battery and electric vehicle industry around the world. Phase 2 of our research and development work will see the Altech strive beyond the 30% energy increase. AIG has already commenced a pre-feasibility study for a construction of 10,000tpa battery materials plant in Saxony, Germany to service the burgeoning European lithium-ion battery market".

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About Altech Advanced Materials AG

Altech Advanced Materials AG (ISIN: DE000A2LQUJ6) ("AAM") from Heidelberg is a Frankfurt listed investment company. The company's objective is to participate in the market for lithium-ion batteries and thus the rapidly growing electromobility sector, as well as in the expected market development for the other applications of high-purity alumina. For this purpose, Altech Advanced Material AG has taken a 25%-stake in Altech Industries Germany, Dresden, ("AIG"), where a factory for the production of anode battery coating material is planned to be built together with the partner Altech Chemicals Limited, Australia ("ATC"). Currently, the pre-feasibility study is under development. AIG holds exclusive rights to the use of coating technology for anode materials and the rights to the technology for the production of high purity alumina ("HPA") within the European Union of Altech Australia Pty Ltd, Australia. Furthermore, AAM holds an option to acquire an interest of up to 49% in Altech Australia Pty Ltd, Australia, ("Altech") for up to USD100 million. Currently, Altech is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATC. Altech is the owner of the IP rights to the HPA technology as well as the 100% parent company of Altech Chemicals Sn Bd, Malaysia, through which a 4,500 tpy HPA plant is to be built in Johor, Malaysia and Altech Meckering Pty Ltd, Australia, the company that holds the rights to the kaolin mine used to procure the raw material for the production of the HPA.

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